Need To Get Your Fitness Back On Track? Try This Instead!

Have these past couple months of self-isolation caused your regular exercise routine to suffer?

Are you feeling like you’ve lost your fitness and need to “get back on track” or “start again”?


Too often people think they need to “start again”

To be honest, when I have an upset to my usual (or preferred) eating/exercising routine (like these past couple of months…. or every Christmas holidays for that matter), I never think “I’ve lost everything and need to start again”. Life doesn’t work that way.

We aren’t wiping the slate clean, or “erasing” what we did and starting from scratch. And we don’t need to either. Because we are LIVING and living can sometimes mean enjoying life (ie. Christmas holidays), and can sometimes mean rolling with the punches…. and lord knows we’ve all been rolling with some big COVID punches these last few months!

I personally don’t see missed workouts or extra comfort meals (coupled with a glass or two of wine) as something bad. But, I do acknowledge these things, and work WITH them rather than against them.


Too often people hold themselves back

Often when people think “I need to start again” or “I’ve ruined things” or “I’m totally off track” – they hold themselves back from taking any action at all because its all just a tad too overwhelming to process, and move forward from. Think about how much less stressful it would be if you DIDN’T judge yourself, or DIDN’T feel guilty. Life’s too short for that kind of thinking right? Instead of feeling guilty or like you need to “get back on track” and “start over”, heres what I suggest you try instead.


1. Take the pressure off yourself

For most of us, life has been turned upside these past few months. It’s really no surprise (at all) that some of those health habits we’d previously been working hard to maintain, have taken a hit. Totally normal and totally ok. Now that life seems to be ‘getting back to normal’, I know many of us will WANT to make some improvements to our health habits. Also totally normal, and ok. But, I  highly recommend NOT putting immense pressure on yourself to make multiple earth-shattering improvements (or changes) all AT ONCE. Small improvements made on a regular basis is key. Sure, this approach might be slower, and less impressive…. but its also much more sustainable! This is exactly what our first 14 DAY ONLINE CHALLENGE is helping our online members to explore. 


2. Ease back into it

Don’t think of it as ‘getting back into it’, think of it as ‘easing back into it’ (**New Mumma’s in particular need to ease back into movement!**) So don’t try and start exactly where you left off weeks/months ago, or, ‘return with a vengeance’ (ie. set an unrealistic goal of exercising MORE or HARDER than you did before you ‘went away’).  This can increase your risk of injury and your post workout soreness. A little post-workout soreness is inevitable, but you don’t want to feel so sore that’ll it’ll put you off.

  1. Aim for the same (or a slightly less) workout frequency (ie. times you exercise per week)
  2. Decrease your workout intensity (ie. Use lighter weights for strength training and go at a slower pace for cardio)
  3. Put a little more time into your warm up and cool down.
  4. Add some active recovery in the day after you workout (ie. Try foam rolling, gentle yoga or taking a walk)

P.S. If you need a super quick workout to help you ease back into it, try one of our 10 minute workouts!





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