Bayswater Women's Group Fitness

Your Movement Sanctuary

Finding your movement sanctuary and loving your weekly workouts isn’t easy – but you did it!

Now keep going.

Choose to say YES to regular workouts.

And yes to making space for yourself.

Why stop when exercising feels so good?





Confident, Healthier You

Because we want you to keep building healthy habits, our membership gives you heaps of support, guidance and resources.


Weekly Check Ins

Clarify your weekly intentions and share how you’re going. Encourage, support and celebrate yourself and your community. 

Member discount

Get up to 20% off our Say Yes Fitness merchandise, products and events

Personal support

We offer quarterly check in phone consults to give you maximum support and guidance whilst also boosting your motivation.

Recipe eBooks

You’ll get access to recipe eBooks that include sample menu plans to help make meal prep easier

Resource library

Our online resource library is full of workouts, recipes, self care strategies, body image tips, stress management techniques, peri-menopause info and more. You’ll find everything you need to build positive health behaviours here. 

Are You Ready?

All of our girls complete our Yes-2-You Program before joining as a member.

Yes-2-You is an intro to fitness program. Running for four weeks, it eases you into exercise and gives you a gentle start to regular workouts.

How many times have you promised yourself you’d start tomorrow?

How many times have you exercised for a week then life got in the way and you couldn’t get your workout routine back on track?

Putting too much pressure on yourself at the start leads to giving up.

We don’t want that for you, girl.

So we’ve designed Yes-2-You to make sure you stay committed and show up for yourself (because YOU come first!) without all the pressure for progress.

You're Not Meant To Do Life Alone

Somehow the idea of doing everything by ourselves has become the norm.

And we’re calling BS on it.

Girl, you were born to live in a community.

To have women older, younger and the same age as you right by your side.

To laugh, cry, rage and dance together.

Toughing life out on your own isn’t success – it’s isolation.

You deserve better.

At Say Yes Fitness we celebrate you and your freakin’ fabness in every way.

We love how you make a pose or movement work for you.

We love the way you laugh.

We love the way you recognise the women beside you for who they are too.

You’re doing awesome…but we’re stronger together.

Join our program to say YES to exercising with your sistas!


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