Intro Offer

Our $25 Intro Offer is an easy and affordable place to start! It gets you 2 weeks unlimited access to SAY YES group fitness classes and a one-on-one consult. Come check out our classes, meet our community, work up a sweat, have a laugh annnnd we’ll tee up a time to chat one-on-one about your health and fitness hopes and dreams (and maybe even your fears), plus discuss ways to help tailor workouts to your individual needs.

  • Find out more about the intro offer here
  • Purchase the intro offer here (via MINDBODY app)


Need a bit more of a KICK to get STARTED? Check out our 4 week KICKSTARTER! It’s our intro offer with added KICK!


Access All Areas: Say Yes and Yoga!

An ACCESS ALL AREAS pack gets you affordable access to all Say Yes Fitness and Heart in Yoga classes! Thats 29 classes over 6 days!

The ACCESS ALL AREAS pack is designed for the Girl who:

  • Wants a healthy balance of exercise types and intensities (ie. Cardio one day, yoga the next, then strength to top off the week. Hells yeah!)
  • Requires the flexibility to choose different workout types and frequencies week to week (ie. you could attend just 1 class this week, then 4 next week)
  • Prefers to listen to her body and choose workouts that match how she feels (body, mind and soul) on the day (ie. don’t feel like ‘Unstoppable cardio hiit’ on Tuesday? Now you can opt for Yoga instead!).

Casual Passes: Say Yes Only!

Our casual passes get you affordable access to all Say Yes group fitness. These packages are designed for the Girl who Say Yes to fitness anywhere from 1-3 times a week.



For our Mummas using the Childminding service, you purchase and book into childminding separately so we know how many babes are coming to each class (one childminding pass can be used for up to TWO siblings).

Personal Training & Health Consults

  • $199 Booster #1 = 1 x consult + 4 x 45min PT sessions || For women who want to work one-on-one with a trainer. Only available to current members.
  • $119 Booster #2 = 1 x consult + 1 x Program write up + 1 x 30min PT session || For women who want an individualised ‘at home’ or ‘at gym’ program and assistance getting started with it (ie. a program you can do in your own time). Only available to current members.
  • $99 Booster #3 = 4 x 30min Health Consults || For women who want to book regular times to check in and discuss health/fitness goals, action plans to achieve health/fitness goals, barriers/challenges and staying motivated.

Contact Renee direct to discuss and book booster options further. Can all be purchased through MINDBODY.


If you need advice on what to purchase please get in touch. I’m here to help