Unfiltered Fitness - The Way Fitness Should Be!

We’re here to help you exercise and look after you.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Because, girl, you and your body deserve the absolute best!

Not fad diets or one-size-fits-all or burpee finishers.

Not so-called concerned friends commenting on your body, weight or food choices.

Not presrure from society telling you to do it all and be better.

Not backhanded comments that make you feel less than or guilty AF as a mum.

You’re worthy and deserving or whatever the F* you want.

Exactly as you are.

You want 30minutes of me-time in the form of enjoyable movement.

You want to run around with your kids at the park without feeling out of breath.

You want to carry all the shopping in one go.

You want to say yes to your friends when they invite you on a weekend hike.

You want to ditch your inner mean girl.

We hear you.

We want all that for you too.

Ready to trust yourself, get the energy you crave (so life is fun instead of tiring) AND feel stronger inside and out?

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Say Yes To Fitness Difference

Looking for a female group fitness trainer in Perth who makes you feel worthy, safe and strong? One who understands your needs as a mother or midlife woman?

Unlike most fitness brands, we don’t put weight loss on a pedestal or push performance as our major metric. 

Some days we know you’ll be showing up for respite more than a rev up..

Instead, we welcome you – with unwavering acceptance – and help you do fitness your way.




Female Focused

 We know what your body needs and loves.


Free-range Kids Zone

For kids of all ages to play & hang out.


Multiple options

We demonstrate multiple options for each exercise – and then we support you to choose!


Efficient workouts 

Multiple components of fitness are covered in each short workout so you get your whole body gets moving.


Intention setting vs Goal setting

It’s about aligning your actions with your life values. Not constantly chasing or smashing targets.



Putting yourself first deserves a trophy. It’s damn hard but so worth it.


Coaches who care

We want to know all about what’s happening for you in the class and your life.


Feel-good fitness

Walk out feeling better than when you walked in

Keeping It Real

Physical changes don’t dictate your worth.

We think you’re freaken fab as you are!

No shouty or patronising trainers


No filters or Photoshop used in our marketing material (Just the real us and our awesome clients)

No Before or After photos

No measurements taken or weigh-ins conducted


No pitting you against others or awkward partner drills

No mention of calories burned or calories earned

No dishing out punishment exercises

No unnecessary pressure to push harder (intensity is not the ultimate goal)

No surprise finisher rounds

Your comfort is our number 1 priority.

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Your Fitness Trainers

Renee Cabassi

Owner and Head Trainer

Bachelor of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science

Graduate Diploma in Health and Phys Ed Teaching

20+ years of health and fitness experience

Say Yes was created because I wanted a solution to a big problem I was seeing, and experiencing…. busy women (especially Mummas and midlife women) not SAYING YES to themselves and their health in a CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE or even ENJOYABLE way.

I’ve always found health and fitness incredibly empowering, connecting and liberating. The sport I played, fitness groups I joined, and active adventures I pursued have all helped me SAY YES to so much goodness in life. It’s given me friendships, confidence, energy, resilience and a great sense of belonging and community. 

When I was younger I couldn’t really understand why everyone WASN’T into fitness like I was. As I grew older I started to see and understand why many women hated sport, were intimidated in group fitness classes, felt dismissed or disheartened by the industry, or had difficulty overcoming barriers to exercising regularly.

I love hearing how health and fitness helps our girls to feeeel better…. stronger, fitter, engerized, confident. capable, focused, fearless. 

I love seeing our women take these awesome feels and turn them into MORE of the simple things in life they LOVE! Like playing with their kids down the park, going on active adventures or giving back to their community.

Francesa Da Rui

Group Fitness Trainer

Bachelor of Education in Primary School Teaching

Cert III and IV in Fitness 

Francesca is a fur-baby Mumma to Leo, Personal Trainer, Primary School Teacher and Creativity Queen. She enjoys arts and crafts, has a (healthy) obsession with the TV series Friends, loves reading, doing puzzles, going on coastal walks and spending time with friends and family.

Francesca grew up doing Athletics and now enjoys keeping fit outdoors. She loves running, boxing, HIIT, pilates, yoga and swimming. Her morning routine always includes a coffee, preferably by the beach.

She has navigated her way through the unrealistic ideals within the health and fitness industry and has learned to embrace a new approach to wellness, SAYing YES to joyful movement that makes her FEEL GOOD!