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To help busy women eat well, move often and feel connected in their community.  

We want to help you ditch those ‘yuk feelings’ that come from being inconsistent with your health and fitness habits. You know the ones  – lethargy,  low motivation, cloudy brain, low patience, muscle weakness, body aches and pains…. just to name a few! Busy women have been dismissing these feelings for faaarrrrr too long.  It’s time we stopped SAYING NO to our own health and happiness, and started SAYING YES!

Most women who come to us haven’t exercised in a loooonnnngggg time and are quite scare/nervous about starting. Most women have also had some kind of negative experience with exercise, diets and/or fitness providers in the past. Our INTRO OFFER is all about helping ease those nerves and getting you started in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable way…. especially new Mummas


Hi, I’m Renee. 

Mother of two beautiful boys, Health and Phys Ed Teacher, food lover, outdoor adventurer, loud laugher and slightly competitive netballer.

Say Yes was created because I wanted a solution to a big problem I was seeing, and experiencing…. busy women (especially Mummas) not SAYING YES to themselves and their health in a CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE or even ENJOYABLE way.

I’ve always found health and fitness incredibly empowering, connecting and liberating. The sport I played, fitness groups I joined, and active adventures I pursued have all helped me SAY YES to so much goodness in life. It’s given me friendships, confidence, energy, resilience and a great sense of belonging and community. 

When I was younger I couldn’t really understand why everyone WASN’T into fitness like I was. As I grew older I started to see and understand why many women hated sport, were intimidated in group fitness classes, felt dismissed or disheartened by the industry, or had difficulty overcoming barriers to exercising regularly.

I love hearing how health and fitness helps our girls to feeeel better…. stronger, fitter, engerized, confident. capable, focused, fearless. 

I love seeing our girls take these awesome feels and turn them into MORE of the simple things in life they LOVE! Like playing with their kids down the park, going on active adventures or giving back to their community.

I hold a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science, a Grad Dip in Health and Phys Ed Teaching and a Masters in Corny Jokes. 

But it’s not all about me!

I have a team of inspiration women by my (and your side!) 

Let me introduce you to our trainers…


Make nutrition and exercise habits achievable and enjoyable. Create a strong community around health and fitness where people feel included, supported and inspired.


Eating well and moving often makes people feel better. It gives us the capability, mental focus and energy to get out there and make the most of our life! Fitness can also be a place that provides a really important community and sense of belonging.


We are people focused and purpose driven. We celebrate each individual. We value community and real world connection. We empower through education.


MOVEMENT: Enjoyable, functional, adventurous and empowering. We love a balanced mix of workout types and intensities that match our mood (or hormones) and boost our energy (not drain it).

NUTRITION: Variety, colourful, nourishing and keeping it simple. We don’t promote diets, superfoods or supplements. 

COMMUNITY: Friendly, supportive, authentic and giving back.