Say Yes was created because I was seeing so many busy women (self included) struggle to SAY YES to themselves and their health in a CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE or ENJOYABLE way.

They struggled to find the time. If they found the time, they struggled to find the energy. If they found the energy, they often felt too unfit to give it a go. When they mustered the courage to give it a go, it was often an intimidating, uncomfortable or disheartening experience.

I made it my mission to do things a little different, I wanted to step away from the typical (and often extreme) outcomes the fitness industry was pushing and focus on EMPOWERING busy women (especially Mums) to SAY YES to creating their OWN happy, healthy and more adventurous life.

What started as women’s only workouts in the park in 2017, has evolved into so much since then. We now have two training locations (Bayswater and High Wycombe) plus a collaborative team of health professionals by our side including Nutritionist Sarah, Body Image Expert Sabine, Womens Health Physio Libby, Life Coach Darielle and Sleep Scientists Katherine.

With the help of this fabulous support team I have been able to create our signature SAY YES MODEL and SAY YES METHOD (below). We use this to help busy women SAY YES to creating their OWN happy, health and adventurous life!