Outdoor Group Fitness For Women In Perth

Yaaaay – we’re back providing outdoor group fitness for women in Bayswater and are feeling aaaalllll the good feels because of it!

GRATEFUL for our community!

We are so very grateful for this phenomenal community of ours! The last couple of months have been surreal, weird, overwhelming, frustrating, stressful, enlightening, grounding and a bucket load more…. through it all, it’s been so freaken amazing (and beneficial) to stay connected and moving together with you all  online!!

PUMPED to be back delivering outdoor fitness classes!

We are so pumped to be back offering  outdoor group fitness for women in beautiful Bayswater! Amidst all the excitement, there is also a lot of care, consideration and planning going on behind the scenes as we continue to do all that we can to keep ourselves, our families and our community safe.  Sure, it is a little cooler than when we last trained outdoors together, but we guarantee shaking off that stress, chatting with the girls, moving those muscles, breathing fresh air, admiring the sunrises and sunsets, wiping sweat from your brow, and feeling energised is what you’ll be focused on. It’s actually invigorating (for your body mind and soul) to warm up through movement!

INSPIRED to create a better future!

The recently announced “COVID-19 WA Roadmap” has helped to clarify our future direction. It’s been a relief to be able to look ahead with a bit more certainty and to start dreaming big again. The current global situation, living through self-isolation, pivoting our business and envisaging the ‘new normal’ we are yet to face has opened our eyes and taught us a lot. We’ve found it tough, but also inspiring. It’s led us to reassessing and re-imagining the future of SAY YES.

Part of our future vision involves a continuation of our ONLINE services… but we’re designing this in our own SAY YES kinda way. A way that supplements, compliments and adds a whole lotta goodness to our IN-PERSON service. We’ve always been big advocates of the quick home (or online) workouts complimenting (not replacing) working out IN PERSON, but we also know many women find it difficult to workout at home, so we’re  designing our future services with all this in mind.

Watch this space ladies!



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