In addition to our timetable of classes we also provide a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY for all our members (monthly membership holders & casual pack holders)!  

There are HUGE benefits to exercising online and saying yes to the many advantages technology has to offer (and using it in a HEALTHY way) is a must for ourselves and our health in 2021 and beyond.


PLEASE NOTE: the above WINTER TIMETABLE kicks off Monday May 31st. Please always refer to the LIVE timetable in MINDBODY.

  • BEAUTIFUL (INDOORS ONLY)   45min. Pilates, barre and yoga fusion. BYO mat**
  • BOXING (INDOORS ONLY) 45min. Mixture of functional strength and moderate-high intensity boxing for fitness combinations. We keep combinations simple and fun.  BYO mat. Own boxing gloves and pads preferred**
  • BABYSITTERS (INDOORS ONLY) These are classes with a FREE babysitter present to assist Mummas with their babes. As per our COVID plan, bookings are essential via MINDBODY!
  • CIRCUIT  (INDOORS ONLY)  45min. Mixture of hybrid strength moves and moderate-high intensity cardio. BYO mat**
  • ENERGY (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 30min. ENERGY1 is a mod-high intensity interval style workout that uses a mix of cardio and athletic inspired movements to challenge your fitness. BYO mat**
  • ENERGYFLOW (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 30min. A mod-high intensity interval style workout that uses a mix of cardio and mobility to challenge your fitness. BYO mat**
  • FIERCE (INDOORS & OUTDOORS)  30min. Full body hybrid strength exercises with a dash of moderate-high intensity cardio to finish. BYO mat** 
  • STRONG (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 45min. Lower body, upper body and  core strength rounds with an leg/arm/cardio burner to finish.  BYO mat**
  • STRONGPLUS (INDOORS) 45min. Juicey yoga flow warm up followed by a full body strength workout.  BYO mat**

Members MUST bring their own Mat and sweat towel. Other equipment (dumbbells and resistance bands, boxing gloves etc) are available to us