Boost confidence and build strength – our ladies love Strong+!

45min (**mid morning Strong+ is 30min). Interval circuit style workout that focuses on functional strength. It includes lower body, upper body and core strength exercises, plus elements of balance, coordination and mobility. STRONG+ is the workout our girls rave about the most because it elicits such awesome benefits –  both physically and mentally. (For our early morning STRONG+ squad there is 15minutes cross over between the classes at which time we ALL do the CORE CIRCUIT together.)

BYO mat


Mindful movement designed to lengthen, strengthen and restore the body to balance. 

45min Full body beginner friendly mat based pilates inspired workout with focus on mobility, core and posture. All levels of fitness welcome. Our Resident Pre/Post Natal Trainer Brooke will give modification suggestions and offer individual adjustments.

BYO Mat and Grippy Socks (**available to purchase at class)


This energy boosting workout is the perfect mid week pick-me-up!

30min. Interval circuit style workout that has a moderate-high intensity cardio focus. Energize is an effective, efficient and enjoyable mix of the components of fitness your body needs and loves (ie. cardio, endurance, speed, power, coordination and balance). This class can be challenging – but it’s designed in a way to BOOST you, not SMASH you! Our knowledgable trainers offer modification options, technique assistance, pace recommendations and recovery advice. You are COACHED  through this class. There are no Bootcamp Drill Sargents  yelling in your face or dishing out punishment burpees round here.


Finish the week feeling gooooood thanks to this full body movement flow!

30min. Follow along full body workout that has a muscle endurance and cardio focus. Empower draws inspiration from Yoga, Pilates, Barre and hybrid strength style workoutsIt includes elements of mobility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance .It’s designed to help you shake off the stressors of your week and leave your body (and mind) feeling bloody goooooddd. 

BYO mat


Kick off your weekend with a wicked workout and few laughs with the girls – ooooo yeeeaaah!

45min. Circuit style workout that includes full body strength and moderate-high intensity cardio stations. Includes elements of coordination, balance, power and endurance. It’s designed to help you kick off your weekend feeling confident, capable and energised.


Bust stress, boost fitness and feel like a bad arse – we looooove boxing! 

45min. Boxing for fitness focused. Includes full body strength and cardio exercises. These classes are MIXED GENDER so you can bring along a partner to join the fun (hello active date night)! 

Own boxing gloves, inners and pads preferred but we do provide.


Restore balance and splice a little peace into your week.

45min. Refreshing full body beginner friendly yoga flows designed to bring zen vibes and glorious mindful movement to your Sunday. A great way to help restore balance and splice a little peace into your week after the school holiday hustle. Stay after for a cuppa and a chat.

BYO mat.


The KIDS ZONE is a play area we set up inside the hall. Our trainers help manage this area but you are always responsible for you child.  

As you can imagine, each child is different – some stay in prams, some sit on mats next to mum, some workout next to mum, some sit on mum whilst she exercises, some play with the toys and some scream because you opened their banana wrong. We work together to make it work!

We are big believers in the power of ROLE MODELLING positive health behaviours to our littles. We love that our family friendly training space and KIDS ZONE enables your little(s) to see YOU and other women SAY YES to themselves and their health.

To use this FREE service book YOURSELF into the midmorning class (this will cost you a class pass), then book yourself into the KIDS ZONE class (this is free and won’t cost you a pass). 

NB: You are always responsible for your child. 


Saying Yes to Rest is an important part of our philosophy and one of the nine key elements in our SAY YES MODEL. Exact closure dates are always communicated via email, social media, Mindbody and in person at classes.

  • We close for 2-3 days around mid-term (ie. week 4, 5 or 6)
  • We close for 5-10 days during the Term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays. Closures typically start on the last day of Term. We typically reopen in the second week of the holidays.
  • We close for 2-3 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period
By purchasing from SAY YES FITNESS you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to all of our TERMS & CONDITIONS.