BOXFIT & BOXSTRONG (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 45min mixture of strength and boxing for fitness combos. Beginner friendly boxing workouts designed with strength and fitness in mind, not combat or self defence. These classes are MIXED GENDER so you can bring along a boyfriend or husband to join the fun (hello active date night)! Our ladies (and gents) looovvee how boxing helps them deal with daily stressors whilst also developing strength, fitness, coordination and agility! BYO matOwn boxing gloves, inners and pads preferred but we do provide.


CIRCUIT (INDOORS) 45min circuit style workout with strength and mod-high intensity cardio stations. BYO mat 


CIRCUIT HIIT 30min circuit style workout with mod-high intensity cardio stations. 


ENERGISE (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 30min interval style workout that uses a mixture of cardio and hybrid strength exercises to develop fitness and muscle endurance. Energise is a seriously efficient full body workout designed to BOOST your energy, not drain it. We move many different muscles in many different directions and leave you feeling sooooo gooooddd! BYO mat 


EMPOWER (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 30min interval style workout that incorporates mainly lighter weight strength exercises (especially core, booty and postural muscles) with some cardio exercises. Our ladies love the EMPOWERING feels that come from attending this class regularly  – confidence, energy and strength!  BYO mat


STRONG (INDOORS & OUTDOORS) 45min class that starts with a functional strength circuit (ie. squat, hinge, push, pull, carry, rotation and anti-rotation) and ends with short power and endurance challenges. We modify this class for our 9.15am and 10.30am classes as these have mostly New Mammas and/or beginners attending.  This class is a fav amongst our community due to the increased body awareness, body strength and body confidence women experience after attending this class regularly. Compared to our other classes this one uses more challenging strength moves and has a focus on technique – the mood feels strong and focused! BYO mat


STRONGPLUS (INDOORS) 45min class that fuses our regular STRONG workout with a juicy mobility/yoga flow. BYO mat


NOTE: All our workouts are specifically designed for you to go at your own pace. Our trainers empower you to chose your intensity, suggest modifications, and offer individual adjustments.




We set up a play area inside the hall and have one babysitter managing the area.  As you can imagine, each child is different – some stay in prams, some sit on mats next to mum, some workout next to mum, some sit on mum whilst she exercises, and some play with the toys. All babysitters are police checked, have a working with children card and have had experience babysitting. To use this FREE service book YOURSELF into the 9.15am or 10.15am class (this will cost you a class pass), then book yourself into the BABYSITTING class (this is free and won’t cost you a pass). NB: The babysitter is there to assist, entertain and distract our babes – but ultimately you are responsible for your child. 




Supporting and connecting to our local community is an important part of our philosophy and one of the nine key elements in our SAY YES MODEL. As such, we host different FUNDRAISER workouts over the year.  



In-person and online group meet ups and coaching calls for those doing our 8 week challenge. These are designed to prompt action, provide support and promote connection. 




We get together for a walk, talk and morning tea once a month or so. Bring the pram (or your kids bike/scooter) and let’s walk a lap (or two), then hang out for a cuppa tea whilst kids have a play. Please bring a small plate of morning tea (nut free) food to share. NB: There is no babysitter at this class.



Saying Yes to Rest is an important part of our philosophy and one of the nine key elements in our SAY YES MODEL. As such, we close our FULL TIMETABLE of classes four times a year.

  • Autumn Closure April 4th – 17th 2022
  • Winter Closure June 26th – July 10th 2022
  • Spring Closure September 9th – 18th 2022
  • Summer Closure December 18th 2022 – Jan 1st 2023

To keep our community moving and connected during these closures we offer POP UP WORKOUTS, AT HOME WORKOUT PROGRAMSHOLIDAY WORKOUT E-BOOKS and a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY.