45min. Boxing for fitness focused. Includes full body strength and cardio exercises. These classes are MIXED GENDER so you can bring along a boyfriend or husband to join the fun (hello active date night)! BYO MatOwn boxing gloves, inners and pads preferred but we do provide.


45min. Circuit style workout that includes full body strength and moderate-high intensity cardio stations. BYO mat 


30min. Interval style workout that focuses on moderate-high intensity cardio. Includes boxing and hybrid strength exercises. BYO mat 


30min. Interval style workout that focuses on improving core strength and posture. Includes moderate cardio exercises. BYO mat


45min. Circuit style class that focuses on functional strength. Includes a cardio, power and/or core finisher. BYO mat


Semi private training squads designed to give participants a more targeted, connected, empowering and motivated training experience. Squads have less participants (max 6) compared to group sessions (max 16); utilise more equipment; have an increased focus on individual technique and progressions.  MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SQUD TRAINING PROGRAM HEREBYO mat 


We believe in the power of ROLE MODELLING positive health behaviours to our littles. Our family friendly training space and KIDS ZONE enables your little(s) to see YOU and other women SAY YES to themselves and their health.

The KIDS ZONE is a play area we set up inside the hall. Our trainers (or the occasional babysitter) manage this area.  As you can imagine, each child is different – some stay in prams, some sit on mats next to mum, some workout next to mum, some sit on mum whilst she exercises, some play with the toys and some scream because you opened their banana wrong. We work together to make it work!

To use this FREE service book YOURSELF into the 9.15am or 10.15am class (this will cost you a class pass), then book yourself into the KIDS ZONE class (this is free and won’t cost you a pass). 

NB: You are always responsible for your child. 


Saying Yes to Rest is an important part of our philosophy and one of the nine key elements in our SAY YES MODEL. As such, we close our FULL TIMETABLE of classes four times a year. By purchasing from SAY YES FITNESS you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to all of our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  • School Holiday  Closure April 10th – 17th 2022
  • Community Closure – June 24th – 26th
  • School Holiday  Closure July 2nd – July 10th
  • Community Closure – August 19th  – 20th
  • School Holiday Closure – September 24th – October 2nd
  • Community Closure – November 11th-13th
  • School Holiday Closure – December 18th 2022 – Jan 1st 2023