Say Yes to our balanced timetable of GROUP FITNESS CLASSES in Bayswater, convenient ONLINE training options that compliment your in-person training with us, ongoing SUPPORT from our dedicated team of trainers, and meaningful CONNECTIONS with a community of like-minded women.


  • WORKOUT VIDEOS: A library of 10min and 30min workout videos you can pick and mix to compliment your current exercise routine. Workouts mimic our in-person classes and include strength, cardio, pilates, boxing and more (scroll down to see a few workout video samples!).
  • WORKOUT RESOURCES: Workout PDFs you can save as your phones lock screen or download and print – perfect for those times you wanna workout tech free! 
  • OTHER RESOURCES: Throughout the year we share empowering resources (ie. menu plan templates, self care strategies, energy boosting challenges); invite guest trainers to lead workouts; and guest speakers to educate and inspire us online.
  • CONNECTION: Access to our private Say Yes Online Community Facebook Group where you can get to know us and other women in our community! Because connecting with real people is so important to our health and wellbeing
  • COACHING & SUPPORT: Access to, and support from our team of trainers! We are there to help keep you connected, motivated and moving well!