Say Yes Womens Group Fitness Bayswater

We are for the Mummas who love having the stamina to SAY YES to playing with their kids at the park; Boss Babes who love having the mental clarity to SAY YES to chasing their big dreams; Girlfriends who love having the strength to SAY YES to regular active adventures with their besties; Women who love having the energy to SAY YES to regularly giving back to their community…

We have created a HYBRID health and fitness service for the women of Perth. Say Yes to our balanced timetable of GROUP FITNESS CLASSES in Bayswater, convenient ONLINE training options that compliment your in-person training with us, ongoing SUPPORT from our dedicated team of trainers, and meaningful CONNECTIONS with a community of like-minded women.

Want to SAY YES but are a little nervous (or scared) about doing so? Our $25 INTRO OFFER is the best place to start… it gets you 5 passes to our TIMETABLED classes (2 week expiry) and a one-on-one CONSULT.

The goal of our INTRO OFFER is to help you go from “I’m so nervous/scared about starting” – to – “I’m so excited about starting” – to – “I can’t wait to continue“. We help ease you into regular exercise; teach you how to safely move; show you how to modify moves to better suit your needs; and share game changer health habits that can help you with your health and fitness goals. But, we do all this gradually…. or you’re likely to feel overwhelmed, really sore, tired and frustrated. And we don’t think that’s an enjoyable or sustainable way to start!

Curious to know more about us and our philosophy to health and fitness? I explain a little more on our about page.

Interested in what SAY YES FITNESS has to offer, but still feeling nervous about starting? Give me (Renee) a call on 0411861701 – I’d love to chat some more 🙂 

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