Say Yes Fitness

We help busy women ‘Say Yes’ to themselves and their health. We offer group fitness in Bayswater, 8 week challenges and an online community.

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Who We’re For

Are you the sort of woman who knows you need to reprioritise your own health and fitness?

Are you searching for a a likeminded community of other women to restart your health journey?

If that’s you, ‘Say Yes Fitness’ might just be what you’ve been looking for.

We ‘Say Yes’ To:

Say Yes Fitness specialises in helping busy women (especially Mums) ‘Say Yes’ to themselves and their health. We make it easy to start, and easy to continue.

We ‘Say Yes’ to being real, not perfect. To balance and consistency. To simple, efficient, functional and enjoyable.

We’ll Help You:

  • Regain the energy to exercise and live a balanced life.
  • Find a way to fit in regular exercise around your busy life.
  • Gently start (or restart) your journey back to health.
  • Rebuild confidence in your body and your mind.
  • Overcome the guilt that can come from ‘Saying Yes’ to yourself.
  • Build connections and engagement within a healthy community.

How Does ‘Say Yes Fitness’ Work?

Group Fitness

Small group women-only fitness classes designed for you to go at your own pace. A balanced mix of strength, cardio, boxing, pilates and more. Designed to match our mood and boost energy. And free babysitting for our midmorning classes!

8 Week Challenges

An individual action plan to follow with practical and relevant information to consume at your own pace. Ongoing support and guidance from our fitness and nutrition experts to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Online Community

A place to access resources, ideas and support. Workout video library, menu planning, recipes, self care strategies and more. A beautiful community of like-minded women to keep you connected, motivated and moving.

What our members say…


“I love that it’s about making sustainable changes that have had lasting and positive effects on both my physical and mental well-being.”

- Carly


“A wonderfully inclusive and supportive group! The trainers and classes are a great stress relief and escape from a long day with a baby.”

- Kim


“They genuinely care about your well-being and are dedicated to providing an affordable, accessible set of services to the local area.”

- Karen


“Everyone is just so welcoming and friendly but also focused on doing their own thing, with no judgement or competitiveness.”

- Carly

The Say Yes Model

THE SAY YES MODEL was created because I wanted a solution to some big problems I was seeing busy women (especially Mammas) experience….

  • Hating exercise or feeling intimidated by fitness
  • Struggling to find the time and/or energy to exercise regularly
  • Being disheartened by diets & overwhelmed by nutrition
  • Lacking confidence and being super self critical
  • Attributing worth to health behaviours and/or body aesthetics
  • Feeling disconnected, excluded or alone

Based on the HEALTH TRIANGLE the SAY YES MODEL encompasses NINE KEY ELEMENTS I believe are crucial to helping busy women (especially Mammas) SAY YES to living a balanced, happy and healthy life. Our services and programs are based around finding a happy, healthy balance of all NINE KEY ELEMENTS.

You can read more about the SAY YES MODEL here.

How can I find out if ‘Say Yes Fitness’ is a good fit for me?

Request more info, ask us a question or tee up your free ‘YESentials’ call (a 15 minute phone consult to help you go from “I’m nervous” to “I’m excited” about saying YES)!

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