We’re on a mission to help busy women exercise regularly so that they have the strength and stamina to SAY YES to more of the things they love in life!

We provide…
  • Balanced TIMETABLE of small group women’s only fitness classes
  • FREE BABYSITTER at our Mon/Wed/Fri midmorning classes to help entertain the babes whilst our Mummas move
  • Convenient ONLINE workout options to compliment your in-person training with us.
  • SUPPORT and MOTIVATION from a dedicated team of trainers
  • Meaningful CONNECTIONS with a community of like-minded women
  • Affordable and FLEXIBLE packages (no sign up fees, lock in contracts, cancellation fees etc)

We are for…

The Mumma who loves having the stamina to SAY YES to playing with their kids at the park; Boss Babes who love having the mental clarity to SAY YES to chasing their big dreams; Girlfriends who love having the strength to SAY YES to regular active adventures with their besties; Women who love having the energy to SAY YES to regularly giving back to their community.

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