8 Tips To Help You SAY YES To Exercising At Home

What a ride these past few months have been hey?! Surreal, strange, overwhelming, frustrating, scary and slow. Routines lost, disruptions a plenty and motivation lacking. Life has most certainly changed. And through all this self isolating, social distancing, working from home, change and uncertainty, it has been such a welcome relief to remain connected and moving ONLINE with our community.

Now the game is changing… again.

And again, we change with it. Yes, restrictions are beginning to ease….but that doesn’t mean things are ‘going back’ to the way we were before. The world has changed. And so have we. Given these unprecedented times we have changed by creating a HYBRID health and fitness service. That being, a mix of OUTDOOR group fitness classes, ONLINE training options, and ongoing SUPPORT and CONNECTION.

At home workouts, online communities and fitness related technology have been around (and trending) for years…. but they’ve most certainly been given an almighty overhaul and massive boost! They’re here to stay and are likely to become apart of our ‘new normal’.

I for one have always found QUICK AT HOME WORKOUTS  handy for those times life gets busier, more complicated and more challenging. But, I’ve also always been a big advocate of the quick home (or online) workouts complimenting, not replacing, working out IN PERSON. Because getting outta the house and connecting with likeminded people in the REAL world is sooooo crucial for our health and wellness! Hence why I’m pretty excited for our hybrid mix of ONLINE and OUTDOOR training options!

At home workouts aren’t everyones ‘cup of tea’.

Now the thing is, the women who have walked through our door in the past, have ALL said how ‘at home workouts’ just don’t excite or inspire them. Firstly, they walked through our door looking for MORE than ‘just’ a workout…. they craved connection and community. Secondly, they find it difficult to workout at home – because of kids, distractions, space restrictions and more.

If at home workouts have been difficult for you in the past, but you’re keen to work them into your ‘new normal’ – check out our 8 tips below!



1. Choose a suitable space… then choose a back up space!

So I have 4 spaces at home I could potentially do a workout if I wanted. My ‘favourite’ space is outside, has a flat surface, is undercover, with good ventilation and lighting. My second space is outside, has a flat surface but isn’t undercover and is in full sun most of the day. My third space is the playroom inside – its small and quite often FULL of toys so requires a clean up before I can workout. My fourth space is in the main living area – being a common area the space available to ‘move around’ is limited, and I feel distracted and claustrophobic working out in this space. I’ve worked out (and videoed online workouts) in ALL of these spaces. Over the last few months I have definitely put more effort and attention into my favourite space – it actually used to be our outdoor entertaining area – its now our at home gym.

Moral of the story…. space doesn’t usually just ‘appear’ and it’s certainly not always perfect. If you want to exercise from home regularly, allocating (and creating) a space to do so is a good idea.


2. Have basic workout gear readily accessible

Having a few bits of basic exercise equipment can be super handy (ie. a mat, a couple pairs of dumbbells, a mini band and a resistance band). Keeping all this exercise equipment in one easily accessible place is also good idea (ie. you probably don’t have time to be running around trying to gather your goods every time you want to do a workout). I highly recommend NOT leaving exercise equipment outside and at the mercy of the elements – resistance bands don’t like being left in the sun, mats can be inviting for pets to lay on (or play with), and curious kiddos often like lifting (and dropping) dumbbells left lying around.


3. Encourage the kids to exercise with you

If you’ve got kids that’ll join in, without interrupting your workout too much, happy days! For most kids you might get 10-15mins uninterrupted focused attention so aim to keep it short and try keep it fun! Crank some music, choose a simple workout (even something created for kids!) and encourage their involvement as you go – “Good squats! Nice high knees! Bet you can’t do 5 push ups!” – Kids do respond well to positive reinforcement, some friendly competition, annnnd attention from their Mumma they love and admire.


4. Figure out ways to exercise kid free

If your child is anything like mine they’ll be climbing on you, stealing your dumbbells, yelling at you for a banana cut into squares, jumping in front of the video you’re trying to watch you and asking you why crabs don’t have eyebrows. Yes, we love em, but getting a little kid-free time is good for our health (and theirs). Perhaps you tag-team workout time with partner. Perhaps you enlist the help of a babysitter (ie. neighbour, family member, friend or even paid babysitter). Perhaps you workout before the kids wake, or whilst they nap, or when they are having ‘quite time’ on the iPad, or after they’ve gone to bed. Whatever way you figure it out, its a heck of a lot easier if you figure it out as a team…. you were never meant to do this on your own!


5. Lock it in Eddie

Pre-booking your workouts into your week (ie. writing them into your diary) means you have to mentally make a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing. Pre-paying for your classes/membership means you’re putting something on the line before you even show up. Pre-organising your workout gear (ie. clothes, shoes, water bottle etc) means you’re helping minimise the impact little daily distractions or de-motivators have on your readiness to workout.


6. Enlist support

If you’re feeling frustrated, unsettled, stuck, or overwhelmed about your health and fitness…. seek support beautiful lady!! Sharing, reflecting, and problem solving concerns and challenges may be exactly what you need. Plus, working out on your own at home can present a few differences in your training (ie. the surface you workout on could be harder, softer, or more uneven. And the the trainer who usually keeps an eye on your form, isn’t there to subtly correct it).  These minor differences can actually add up over time and cause discomfort, pain or even injury. Biggest tip here – listen to those NIGGLES!! Don’t wait for your body to scream at you in pain before you seek support! Sometimes all you need is a simple movement modification – but you’re unaware of this modification so you just keep doing what you’ve always done… until your body screams at you “NO MORE!”.

Joining ONLINE programs that offer inductions, virtual consults, and ongoing support is your best bet! Yes, there are a million apps, YouTube videos and Pinterest workout pins… but sometimes what you really need, is a real person to talk to, so you can get more individualised support!


7. Aim to be real and consistent… not perfect

Just remember, sticking to that well laid exercise plan you set, doesn’t mean you should try to be perfect – not at all! If you slip up with your weekly routine (or LIFE happens), thats fine! Just remember, when life is ticking along nicely, things are easier… when life throws a few curve balls, things always get harder! You’re better off aiming to be real, and focusing on consistency, than trying to be perfect. In 1, 5, 10 or 15 years you’re not going to care that you missed a few workouts along the way. You’re going to care about the knowledge, confidence, habits and tools you developed, and the happy and healthy way of life you are able to sustain. 


8.  Visualise how you’ll feel after

Instead of focusing on how hard it is to switch off after a day of working from home, or how inviting your couch looks, or how you really need to put that pile of washing away, or how knackered you are after another long shift….  flip your thinking and visualise how great you’ll feel after you get an at home workout done. Even if that workout is just 5mins! I can tell you now, in this craaaaazy time, NOBODY is regretting spending time (even if its just 5mins of their time) on their health and wellbeing!


Ready to SAY YES to more of what you love in life? 



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