Have you been feeling the end of Winter energy lull?

I asked this question last week on our social media pages and the overwhelming answer was yeeesssssssss!
It’s been a loooonnnnggg cold winter.
Theres been a lot of sickness doing the rounds.
And the weight of what’s going on over east and all around the world is playing heavy on our minds.
Soooooo I figure a little SPRINGO CHALLENGE was needed! You in?

SPRINGO Challenge

  1. PRINT off one SPRINGO CHALLENGE CARD a week for the next three weeks.
  2. TICK a square after you complete the action described within it.
  3. THE AIM is to have as many 5-ticks-in-a-row (across and/or down) as possible by weeks end (ie. you can get a maximum of TEN 5-ticks-in-a-row on each SPRINGO card)
  4. AT THE END OF EACH WEEK take 5mins to ask yourself the below reflection questions. Why? Because the first step to behaviour change is AWARENESS so taking time to reflect can help you action positive health behaviour changes AFTER the challenge has ended (If you want to improve your health and fitness habits our8 WEEK CHALLENGE may be just what you’re looking for)
      • END OF WEEK 1 & 2: What actions did I find the easiest to complete this past week and why? What actions did I find the hardest to complete this past week and why (and it may be something you didn’t actually get to complete!)? What actions/squares (maximum 2) would I really like to tick off next week and why? What’s 1 thing I can do now/today/tonight to help my future self tick off those actions/squares?
      • END OF WEEK 3: What health habits (maximum 2) would I like to improve on next month and why? What’s 1 thing I can do now/today/tonight to help my future self improve on that health habit next month? What else do I need to help me improve on that health habit?
      • USE THESE REFLECTIONS to help you continue SAYING YES to yourself and your health! If you need more information, inspiration and/or support to confidently do this, our 8 WEEK CHALLENGE may be just what you’re looking for!
      • We’re running a SPRINGO CHALLENGE inside our FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY and have some wicked PRIZES UP FOR GRABS – head here to read more and get involved!



SPRINGO is based on the SAY YES MODEL

The SAY YES MODEL was created because I wanted a solution to a big problem I was seeing, and experiencing…. busy women (especially Mummas) not SAYING YES to themselves or their health REGULARLY.
Based on the HEALTH TRIANGLE the SAY YES MODEL encompasses NINE KEY ELEMENTS we believe are crucial to helping busy women create and maintain CONSISTENCY and BALANCE with their health habits. Our programs and services are based around these elements.



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