The Say Yes Model

THE SAY YES MODEL was created because I wanted a solution to some big problems I was seeing busy women (especially Mammas) experience….

  • Hating exercise or feeling intimidated by fitness
  • Struggling to find the time and/or energy to exercise regularly
  • Being disheartened by diets & overwhelmed by nutrition
  • Lacking confidence and being super self critical
  • Attributing worth to health behaviours and/or body aesthetics
  • Feeling disconnected, excluded or alone

Based on the HEALTH TRIANGLE the SAY YES MODEL encompasses NINE KEY ELEMENTS I believe are crucial to helping busy women (especially Mammas) SAY YES to living a balanced, happy and healthy life. Our services and programs are based around finding a happy, healthy balance of all NINE KEY ELEMENTS.

BODY (aka PHYSICAL health)

1. Movement: is all about how we move our bodies and includes: Finding the joy in movement; Looking for as many opportunities for movement throughout your every day as you can; Functional strength training; Embracing the 10min at home workout; “This still counts” mantra.

2. Nutrition: Is all about how we fuel and nourish our bodies and includes: Add vegetables at every opportunity; Fibre boosting whole grains; Lean protein with every meal; 2L of water a day; Aiming for lots of variety; Eating regularly; Sitting down to eat; Treating snacks as mini meals; Menu planing and meal prep; Aiming for consistency not perfection; Seeing food as more than ‘just calories’;

3. Saying yes to rest: Is all about rest, recovery & sleep and involves: Developing more positive mindsets of “learn to rest, not quit” / “this still counts” / “some is better than none”; Practicing good sleep hygiene habits; Recognising early signs of stress and exhaustion to prevent burnout;  Learning to listen to your body and choose movement (or modify your movement) to better match your mood or energy levels;  The importance of taking a break from routine every now and again; Practicing good exercise recovery habits.


MIND (aka MENTAL health)

4. Relationship with health and fitness: Positive: Empowering; Inclusive; Celebrating body diversity; Ditching diet culture; Embracing the messy; “Real not perfect” mantra.

5. Saying Yes to Adventure: Doing things you enjoy; Having fun; Being present and in the moment; Challenging your comfort zone; Learning new skills; Getting active in the great outdoors; Understanding the important of both routine AND variety in your life; Taking short breaks from your usual routine (ie. saying no to a commitment or two and replacing them with ‘me time’ rather than ‘everyday tasks; Blocking off 30mins of time in your week to do something spontaneous for you (ie. take the scenic route home, watch the sunset/sunrise, eat lunch outside, do a dance workout in your lounge room, lay in the sunshine and listen to music.)

6. Self Compassion: Harnessing the power of ‘being kind to yourself’ to thrive; Practicing both tender AND fierce self compassion (ie. Tender meaning accepting of ourselves; Fierce meaning taking action for ourselves and our health)



7. Group Fitness Community: Building positive connections and relationships with likeminded women that inspire, encourage and support positive health behaviours; Getting out of your house and interacting in real world places.

8. Online Community: Using technology to strengthen health behaviours (ie. Embracing technology in a positive and healthy way)

9. Local Community: Feeling safe, valued, engaged and connected in our local community; Giving back to the local community.



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