The 10 Minute At Home Workout: Small Effort, Big Change!

The 10minute At home Workout is a bite-sized bit of movement I use to fire myself up, to boost my energy after lunch, to blast a little stress after a big day or just to make fitting exercising into my week more manageable. They play a huge role in how I exercise these days!

To be honest, 10 years ago I rarely would have done a workout that went for less than 60minutes. Exercise was always a full on training session or game of netball. It was physically intense, often mentally demanding, always time consuming and usually competitive (against others and myself). It was about high heart rates, sweating up a storm, and pushing myself to improve. I absolutely loved every second of it. But, since then, I’ve fallen in love with the 10min workout!

Why? Because life got busier, more complicated and more challenging. Careers, injuries, sickness, family, motherhood…. the list goes on. All of those added together meant I struggled to find >45minutes of ‘spare time’ consistently over my week. But, I was easily finding multiple 10minute blocks most days. So I made the most of that.

Soon enough, I fell in love with the 10 minute workout. I was able to do them at different times of the day. I was able to do them indoors, outdoors, at home or at work. I was able to make them gentle, or intense, sweaty, or strong, rehab focused, or full body blasting

It was exactly what my body was telling me I needed!

…a gentle stretch to loosen stiff muscles after sitting all morning. A few no-equipment-needed-exercises in my lounge room when I’ve been stuck at home with a sick child for the past 3 days. A hiit of fresh air and movement in my backyard to kick stress to the curb. Or, a swap of the afternoon food snack with an afternoon workout to boost my energy.


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