Top 7 Strength Exercises For A Full Body Workout

July 1, 2021

As trainers and coaches we are often asked

“What exercises are the best exercises?”

There are a lot of different ways to program a workout depending on your goal. At Say Yes we love workouts that get you moving in many different directions, and are based on functionality and balance. Meaning, full body workouts that encompass the following fundamental human movement patterns:

  1. Push (ie. Shoulder Press)
  2. Pull (ie. Bentover rows)
  3. Hinge (ie. Deadlift)
  4. Squat (ie. Goblet squats)
  5. Rotation (ie. Woodchoppers)
  6. Anti rotation (ie. Shoulder Plank Taps)
  7. Loaded carry (ie. Cross Body Walk)


Functionality is important – it has a big carry over into every day life

  • When you get up and down off the couch or chair, that is your SQUAT
  • When you lean forward to pick up a heavy box or washing basket off the ground, that is your HINGE
  • When you open a door away from you that is your PUSH
  • When you are carrying a baby or toddler off to one side that is your ANTI-ROTATION

Functional strength training is about exercising to benefit our everyday life

  • Being able to bring the shopping in without too much struggle
  • Being able to lift something up off the floor
  • Being able to get down to the ground and back up again with ease.

These are all thing we take for granted and things we don’t realise are being strengthened and improved by exercise.


Functional strength training can improve health and reduce injury risk

Our physical strength is actually a strong indicator of overall health. Resistance training just 2x per week has the power to help increase bone density, reduce or prevent cognitive decline, provide a means of effective weight management, improve flexibility, improve balance and improve mobility. 

Having a well balanced body also helps reduce the risk of injury. Common every-day injuries from picking up our kids or bending over wrong can be greatly reduced by building up the muscular strength needed to support the joints and spine well, and learning to move throughout life correctly and efficiently.

If designing your own at home or in gym workouts make sure you aim for balance. So a balance of lower body movement patterns (SQUAT and HINGE) and a balance of upper body movement patterns (PUSH and PULL). This ensures that the body is working being trained equally and helps to minimise injury (ie. an imbalance of PUSH to PULL, or lack of pulling strength, can cause shoulder or rotator cuff issues).

Don’t have the head space or time to design your own workouts? No stress, just SAY YES! Our STRONG classes incorporate a balanced mix of these 7 functional moves!



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