Quick At Home Workouts: Are They Worth It?

Are Quick At Home Workouts worth it?!


The most current research shows that any exercise for even small amounts of time will be beneficial for your health. Getting some movement in, over no movement at all, is going to be much more beneficial for you both mentally and physically.


Game Changer For Many Women In Our Community

Quick at home workouts have made fitting exercise in, and maintaining consistency, so much more achievable (and enjoyable) for many women in our community.

When women haven’t been able to get to class for a week (or so) cause they’ve been surrounded by sick kids and snot, or when they’ve been struggling to get to their usual 2-3 workouts a week cause work is freaken hectic, these help to get them through.

Admittedly it can take a while to fall in love with the quick at home workouts… It can take a bit of practice, and heap of self compassion. A lot of women I’ve worked with talk about how they found it difficult to begin because they would be continually compare these workouts to their ‘ideal workout’, or the workout they were doing 5, 10, 15 years ago.

Different age, different stage, different approach.

The cool thing is these bite-sized bits of movement can be exactly what your body and mind need them to be: They can be used to boost energy, blast a little stress, loosen stiff muscles or ensure you’re keeping up with their physio prescribed exercises. They can be gentle, intense, sweaty, strong, rehab focused, or full body.  **BIG TIP: Enlisting support from a PT can be super helpful**


How To Do A Quick At Home Workout

You have three options:

  1. Hit play on a workout video and follow along (theres a trillion billion million out there to chose from)
  2. Do your own thing. Either make it up on the spot, or follow a basic workout formula each time.
  3. Enlist the support of a Personal Trainer to write you a bunch of suitable at home workouts, or an at home workout program.

Let’s explore each of these options in bit more detail now…


1). If follow along to at home workout videos is your preferred method…

…check out our quick at home workout videos on YouTube and in our Private Facebook Group. The benefit of using our workout videos is that we’ve specifically designed them to be simple, functional, full body, and well rounded workouts. We use similar moves and cues to our in-person classes so it will look and sound familiar! Which can work really well for busy women, with full brains, busy minds or hectic households. If you’re looking for more options and variety I recommend checking out: KaisaFit  and Nike Training Club.

NB: If you’re wanting/needing your at home workouts to be more safe and/or effective (ie. tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals) then I recommend enlisting the support of a PT, rather than following random videos online.


2). If doing your own thing appeals to you I’d recommend:

  • Follow one of the following workout formulas (be sure to also include a warm up and cool down)
    • FORMULA ONE: Lower body, Upper body, Core, Cardio, Repeat x 2
    • FORMULA TWO: Hybrid exercise 1, Hybrid exercise 2, Hybrid exercise 3, Repeat x2 (check out these 10 Hybrid exercises)
    • FORMULA THREE: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Rotation, Anti-rotatin, Carry (Examples of each can be found in this article)
  • Chose simple moves you’re familiar with
  • Download a free timer app like SECONDSPRO and create a HIIT timer. I find working for 30seconds and resting for 10seconds a good at home workout pace. Working for  45seconds and resting for 15seconds is great but this ‘time ratio’ tends to work better in a gym setting when you have a trainer helping keep you on task and focused.

NB: If you’re wanting/needing your at home workouts to be more safe and/or effective (ie. tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals) then I recommend enlisting the support of a PT, rather than winging it with DIY workouts at home.


3). If enlisting the support of a PT is what you need:

Drop me an email and lets tee it up, or reach out to BROOKE JACOBS from BUMP OUT FITNESS and ask about her HOME PROGRAM PRESCRIPTION.


Tips To Help You Actually (like, actually) Do Them

At home workouts may sound simple enough but many women I speak to STRUGGLE to SAY YES to them.  No surprises really – there are lots of things demanding our energy, attention and time at home. Plus, women are social beings – the at home workout doesn’t really motivate us because we much prefer to show up for others, rather than a dusty pair of dumbbells. Check out 10 of my fav tips to help you SAY YES to at home workouts.




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