10 Tips To Help You SAY YES to At Home Workouts

At home workouts may sound simple enough but many women I speak to STRUGGLE to SAY YES to them. 
No surprises really – there are lots of things demanding our energy, attention and time at home. Plus, women are social beings – the at home workout doesn’t really motivate us because we much prefer to show up for others, rather than a dusty pair of dumbbells. Heres 10 of my fav tips to help you SAY YES to at home workouts.

1. Connection and community is crucial

I’m a HUGE advocate of the importance of getting outta ya house to move and connect with like minded people in your local community (and SCIENCE backs this up). This has not changed since COVID came about. But, in 2022 and beyond HEALTHY ONLINE COMMUNITIES play a critical role in our long term health and wellness.

Being apart of an online community you are familiar with can be incredibly empowering and uplifting. When you know the instructor by name, and they know yours. When you know the structure of a workout and are familiar with the moves. When you’ve met the like-minded women you’re working out alongside (virtually) in real life. There is great comfort in a known entity. It can help us feel emotionally connected, despite the physical distance.

Connect with our online community here:


2. Follow a program or action plan

If you have a program/action plan to follow you know what your next session will be. Trying to decide what to do is an extra barrier to entry that we can remove if you have an action plan. Need a program or action plan? Email me (renee@sayyesfitness.com.au) and let’s hook you up with one! 

3. Focus on the good feels

You know the feelings you get after completing a SAY YES workout – channel that! Even though you’re watching it through a screen, disconnect your mind from drama and let yourself be consumed by those feel-good-fitness-feels. Reset your mind, body and soul. Let it go and move!


4. Set a simple pre-workout routine

When working out at home you lose the important act of ‘getting outta of your house’… often its this VERY ACT that provides us much needed MOMENTUM (or motivation) to go do the workout…??Hence, it can work in your favour to set a simple at home routine to help you mentally and physically prepare for (and commit to) doing your at home workout!  
  • Take 5 big deep belly breathes and have a drink of water before you go get changed and set up??
  • Plug some motivating music into your ears whilst you get ready to workout at home (ie. get changed, fill up your water bottle, grab your workout equip)??
  • Do the same simple but invigorating warm up routine before every workout??
  • Jump into the online group and comment on the workout you’re about to complete. Jump back on after and comment on how you went. ??

5. Have some simple workout equipment

Equipment I recommend for SAY YES at home workouts include:

6. Keep your workout area tidy and equipment accessible

If everything is completely packed away it all needs to be brought out before you can start using it. Keep your workout area tidy and clean, but try not to pack everything completely away. I have a workout ‘tub’ that all my workout equipment goes into and this sits in the room/area I workout.

7. Have your music ready

Make sure you’ve got your favourite training music on a playlist so you can just press play. And your music set-up (your speakers) should be super easy to hook up to your phone.

7. Pre-fill your water bottle

At the end of every session, fill up your water bottle for the next day. This bottle should live in your home gym.

9. Keep your fan plugged in

Got a fan in your home gym? Leave it plugged in and ready to turn on.

10. Have a spot to place your laptop or a phone holder/cradle

Need to see the screen or use timer on your phone? Have a spot to place your laptop or a phone cradle permanently set up that you can easily slip your phone into.

**BONUS TIPS for Mammas!**

  • Embrace the messiness. Uninterrupted workout? What about stopping for cuddles with, handing out snacks mid workout, giving up your exercise mat and the list goes on
  • Adjust your expectations. 45min workout? What 10min workout, or multiple 10min blocks?
  • Accept what you can get done and celebrate it.
  • Swap those negative thoughts for more positive ones can help: When I move my body I’m setting a good example for my babe. All these small bouts of exercise add up over the week. A short messy workout is better than no workout at all
  • Snacks and screens lady! Give kids good snacks and screens. Do as much as you can whilst they are pre-occupied with those.
  • Say Yes to boundaries! Lovingly tell them you are doing this for you and you’ll be with them when you’re finished. Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat it again. It’s annoying as hell but they will eventually (albeit slowly) grasp what is going on.



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