How Meal Planning And Food Prep Happens In Our House

February 6, 2024

This article wont provide you the SECRET answer to all your meal planning and food prep woes. It will however give you a bit of a look inside how we currently make meal planning and food prep work in our house. The hope is it gives you some handy ideas to consider. For more ideas come join the conversation in our Member Only Facebook Group

Our typical weekly MEAL PLANNING PROCESS:

  • Creating meal plan and shopping list on Friday night or Saturday morning 
  • Food shopping on Saturday morning
  • Some basic food prep done Saturday after shopping (ie. cut and prep a few simple things)
  • More substantial food prep done Sunday (ie. batch cook a meal)


Our weekly MEAL PLAN aims to include:

  • 4-6 days of dinners
  • 5 days of workday lunches and snacks for 2 adults
  • 5 days of school lunchboxes and afterschool snacks for 2 kids
  • Some snacks that can easily be packed in backpacks for family outings
  • Some after dinner snacks for adults and kids
  • Drinks other than water (milo, kombucha, tea, coffee, juice)
  • A variety of foods from the five food groups:
    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Grain foods, including wholegrain (ie. breads, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, oats, quinoa)
    • Protein sources (ie. lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs and nuts)
    • Milk, yoghurt and cheese

Our weekly DINNER plan typically looks like:

  • Sunday: Batch cook a meal (ie. double or triple a recipe to create 2-4 portioned dinner serves)
  • Monday: Leftovers from Sunday nights batch cook up
  • Tuesday: Meal pulled from from freezer (typically a batched cooked meal from 1-2 months ago)
  • Wednesday: Cook a super simple meal (preferably with leftovers)
  • Thursday: Leftovers from Wednesday night, or a microwave meal, or a Freezer meal
  • Friday: Leftovers from Thursday night, or a microwave meal, or a Freezer meal, or Eat out / order in
  • Saturday: Depends on weekend plans

Our weekly FOOD PREP plan typically involves:

  • Saturday: Cut up fruit and veggies for snacks and lunchboxes
  • Sunday: Batch cook a family and freezer friendly meal that serves 2-4 dinners. Our top 3 recipes at the moment include: Spag Bog Mince, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Soup, .
  • Sunday: Cook and shred chicken breast for lunches (ie. typically eaten with pre-made salad bag, added to wrap or sandwich, or added to a salad I’ve made – like the Broccoli salad I mention below)
  • Sunday or Monday: Make baked oats, overnight oats or big pot of porridge (with some porridge toppers at the ready) to use over next 3-4 days
  • Sunday or Monday: Prep 3-4 lunches. My fav 3 recipes at the moment include: Broccoli Salad, Chicken and Veg Tray Bake and The Pick Plate Lunchbox
  • Wednesday: We try to choose a meal that will provides leftovers for the following nights dinner too. My fav 3 meals for this include: Homemade pizza, hot dogs and simple side dishes, chicken schnitzel and simple side dishes.

Other things we do to make food prep easier:

  • We share the mental and physical load of meal planning and food prep.
  • We choose simple recipes that don’t take hours to cook.
  • We don’t necessarily ‘cook for the kids’ but we do plan to always offer ‘safe foods’
  • We simplify recipes with pre-made sauces or seasonings (ie. Mingle)
  • We repeat recipes often.
  • We sometimes use a slow cooker (other appliances like Air Fryers and Pressure Cookers can be just as handy).
  • We purchase convenient foods like pre-made salad bags, frozen veggies, microwavable meals, microwaveable rice, seasonings, sauces and salad dressings to make lunches and dinners easier.
  • We enlist a little support from local businesses like BETTER ME SMOOTHIES (pre-made green smoothie packs), MADE TO NOURISH (locally made home made lunchbox foods and dinners) or similar on our busier weeks.

Want to improve your meal planning but not sure where to start (or how to progress)….

Check out THIS ARTICLE for 9 TIPS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR MEAL PLANNING AND FOOD PREP. Or, SAY TO SUPPORT! and book a CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE CONSULTCONSULTS are dedicated time for us to map out your next steps so you have confidence and clarity in moving forward with your health habits and goals. BOOK a CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE CONSULT HERE.



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