Say Yes to Adventure

February 23, 2024

Make healthy habits stick for good!

Hitting goals feels amazing. Until it doesn’t.

You’ve been hitting the health habits pretty hard and you’re noticing a little more energy creeping in and some brain fog lifting. For the first couple of weeks, you felt like a total champion. Those promises you made to yourself have been kept and that’s always worth celebrating.

But sometimes, despite our best intentions, the sparkle starts to fade, and we find ourselves in a bit of a routine rut. It’s not that healthy habits aren’t worth doing, it’s the rush of excitement and anticipation that’s worn off.

One day you’re all gung-ho about your fitness goals, and the next, you’re wondering if you can clean the shower instead of doing another repetitive workout or spending your Sunday arvo meal prepping yet again. You start worrying… how can I keep this up for the rest of the year? Doing it forever?? That feels almost impossible. 

Trying anything new brings a buzz to your world. Then it becomes the daily norm and boredom sets in. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Boredom is a legitimate and serious threat to your health habits.

And everyone claims that discipline is the answer. We disagree. Because Sista, life was never meant to be boring! Don’t let boredom end your health story. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to sprinkle a little adventure into your life. Just use our easy-peasy adventure tips to make your fitness journey a lot more fun.


Your Healthy Living Hack

Why adventure? 

Adventure is pleasure, play, fun, joy.

It’s the antidote to the everyday blahs, the all-or-nothing approach, the Groundhog Day grind and the eat-sleep-train-work-repeat rut.

Think about it – when was the last time you said yes to making life a little (or a lot!) more fun and joyful? Or intentionally took a break from routine, without berating yourself for “falling off the wagon”? Or took a moment to play instead of choosing to tick something else off that never-ending to-do list?

More importantly, when was the last time you did that without a side serve of guilt, an apology or feeling like you needed to earn it?

That’s what adventure is all about.


1) Mix Up Your Routine

Feeling like you’re just going through the motions with your workouts and meals? Let’s shake things up! 

How about trying a fitness class that’s completely out of your norm?  Have you given our boxing classes a go? What about Sunday yoga or midweek pilates?

Getting a little tired of those recipes you have on repeat? Yes, they work and yes they’re easy. But maybe creating space to try something a little different will infuse your cooking with those happy vibes.  Try a new cuisine, play with spices and sauces, and switch your meal plan around. Perhaps ask your BFF for their fav simple recipe and give that a crack.

Are you stuck inside during work or looking after the kids? Move your workout to the great outdoors. A trail run, yoga in the park, or even a brisk swim at the beach can transform your routine into an adventure. 

The idea is to splice in a little variety in routine, without derailing everything, or throwing it all away and starting again. Sprinkle some joy and curiosity into your health journey. Routine is necessary and makes life hum. Adventure is the secret ingredient to spicing life up with some variety.


2) Say Yes to ‘Me’ Time

Has your downtime got you feeling dreary? It’s likely limited I know – but let’s make the most of it!  No matter if it’s five minutes or five hours, life satisfaction comes from occasionally doing things that make you feel good. Try these boredom busters:

  • Swapping out before bed scrolling, with getting lost in a captivating book
  • Trading late-night shopping for a serene bath filled with your favourite scents and sounds
  • Dancing like nobody’s watching in your living room, turning your space into your private dance floor
  • Sitting outside to sip your morning coffee
  • Singing your heart out to your fave tunes on your drive home
  •  Stopping on the way home to admire a pretty view

These moments of personal joy aren’t just frivolous – they’re essential. They recharge your spirit, boost your happiness, and remind you that life is for living! Not racing to the end and ticking boxes along the way. 

If it makes you happy, it’s worth it!


3) Plan a Mini Escape

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need. A little change in your environment is often the mood booster we all need. According to researchers, looking ahead to your next adventure could benefit your mental health. A study found that people experienced the same amount of excitement and satisfaction anticipating a holiday as they did experiencing the holiday.

So why not plan a getaway, even if it’s just for the weekend? Discover a cosy B&B in a quaint nearby town or camp under the stars. 

Locally, seek out new spots to explore – a park you’ve never visited, a café with a vibe different from your usual spots, or even a museum or art gallery to get lost in. 

Or, simply alter your daily route. Take the scenic path instead of the direct one. 

For a little extra inspiration, here are 5 local outdoor adventures I highly recommend!” 

New experiences = new energy.


4) Get Creative with Your Catch-ups 

Instead of the usual coffee date, why not try something fun and active?

Switching up your social catch-ups to include something fun and active can transform an ordinary meetup into an unforgettable adventure. 

Imagine the thrill of balancing together on stand-up paddleboards, sharing laughter as you navigate the waters (and probably fall off). 

Or, get your creative juices flowing in a DIY workshop, where you can craft something unique while bonding over the shared experience. 

Dance classes offer another fabulous way to connect, letting you step out of your comfort zone together and groove to the rhythm.

It’s all about making memories and laughing together along the way.


5) Embrace Spontaneity

Block off 30 minutes a week to do something totally spontaneous. 

Spotted a pretty sunset? Pack the kids in the car, head to the beach or a hill and watch the gorgeous colours change.

Take your lunch to enjoy the outdoors, where the simple act of dining under the sky can transform your meal into a mini-retreat. 

Ever thought about picking up a new hobby on a whim? Whether it’s sketching, knitting, or even learning a few phrases in a new language, these spur-of-the-moment activities bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your daily routine. 

Unplanned, small adventures build excitement and remind us to appreciate the beauty in the world around us.

So next time you’re feeling bored, get up and do something new!


6) Find People Who Know How to Have Fun

In the whirlwind of self-improvement, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of setting ever-higher goals, chasing discipline, and pushing ourselves to the brink in the name of fitness and health.

But what if the key to maintaining motivation and happiness isn’t about setting another goal or striving for perpetual betterment? 

Imagine finding a community that celebrates you for who you are right now. People who focus on a positive relationship with self and health. People know there’s more to life than discipline or relentless goal-smashing.

The answer to your motivation woes isn’t necessarily setting ANOTHER NEW GOAL. There’s  already too much massive pressure to reinvent OR IMPROVE ourselves all the damn time.

Instead of loading your life with another thing you “should” do, spend time with people who recognise everything you’re already doing.

This type of community prioritises the importance of pleasure, joy, and fun in your life. Not putting pressure on you to constantly reinvent or improve yourself. 

It’s a refreshing perspective, knowing you can stop and say “Hey, I’m doing an amazing job!”

Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and emphasise self-love. 

You are an amazing, incredible, worthy person right now. Exactly as you are. You deserve pleasure, joy and fun in your life.


Adventure’s Waiting For You

Let’s kick boredom to the curb and say a big, enthusiastic YES to adventure.

Because adding fun to your life is about so much more than keeping your health habits fresh and exciting. It’s about creating a life filled with joy, discovery, and happy moments.

Remember, saying yes to adventure is an opportunity to add a little more fun and joy to your story. Let’s make it count!



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