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October 4, 2019

As part of our Take 5 For Body and Mind Initiative I interviewed Sleep Scientist (and total BUF Girl) Sarah Hull. I took so many great take aways from this chat – things like why routine is queen, why our bedrooms need to be our sanctuary, why cutting back on caffeine after lunch is a great idea, how meditation before bed can be seriously simple, how keeping a journal next to your bed can both help and hinder sleep…. and HEAPS more. Seriously worth a listen ladies!

What do we chat about in this interview?

  • 2.00min – Diagnosable conditions versus bad sleep habits.
  • 2.12min – How common sleep conditions actually!
  • 3.06min – What a lack of sleep can look or feel like
  • 4.20min – How lack of sleep can impact our hunger hormones (which in turn impacts our weight loss efforts)
  • 5.00min – How lack of sleep can cause us to run on ‘auto pilot’
  • 6.00min – Make your bedroom your sanctuary
  • 6.40min – Routine is queen (your bedtime AND daytime routine)
  • 10.40min – The importance of filling your cup first!
  • 12.00min – Meditation can help (and how meditation is perhaps not what you think it is)
  • 13.40min – It should take you 7-20mins to fall asleep. Anything quicker or longer is a red flag!
  • 15.00min – Keeping a journal next to your bed can help, or hinder sleep!
  • 15.40min – What about your daytime routine?
  • 16.00min – Coffee is ok, but….
  • 18.50min – Body temp matters + tips for those exercise after 7pm
  • 19.40min – Sarah summarises everything she’s discussed
  • 21.00min – Our Take 5 For Body and Mind challenge explained!!

Ready to awaken your best? Try these three habit swaps!

  1. Swap night time phone scrolling… for reaching, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, journalling
  2. Start your bedtime routine 30mins before bed
  3. Swap after lunch caffeine hit(s)… for a class of water, caffein free herbal tea, a walk or a stretch.

A little reminder…. change can be tough!

A reminder that change can be tough as our habits are pretty engrained. Plus, if you’re suffering from a lack of sleep you are likely to find it difficult to muster the energy/willpower/motivation to give all three challenges a go.
Be kind to yourself enough to realise it’s not about perfection. But also be fearless enough to step up to a little change.


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