Say Yes Beginner Fitness Program


Need a bit of a KICK to get STARTED? Then our 4 week KICKSTARTER is for you!

Have you been thinking about starting a fitness program? But feel nervous about doing so? Does the enormity of options out there overwhelm you? Are you tired of hearing about transformation challenges and ‘get your summer body ready’ programs? Have you been putting off starting because it all seems so bloody tough or impossible to ‘fit in’ to that busy life of yours? 

Our four week KICKSTARTER is designed for the girl who’s nerves and/or lack of confidence have been holding them back! 

Compared to our $25 Intro Offer, the KICKSTARTER provides you with much more support, motivation and education! It’s a Beginner Fitness Program focused on helping you create a positive relationship with health and a sustainable fitness routine from the very start!

We’ll help ease you into regular exercise, teach you how to safely move, show you how to modify moves to better suit your needs, share game changer health habits we swear by, provide simple recipes and at home workouts…. and much more! 


  1. ONE-ON-ONE CONSULT: You start with a one-on-one consult with us! We’ll chat about your health and fitness hopes and dreams (and maybe even your fears), plus discuss ways to help tailor workouts to your individual needs (valued at $45)
  2. UNLIMITED GROUP TRAINING: You get 4 weeks unlimited access to our timetable of classes. Feel fearless giving a variety of our workouts a try! We want to help you create a sustainable exercise routine you’ll love and continue long after the program is finished! (valued at $150)
  3. SUPPORT & EDUCATION: You get weekly check in’s and empowering content! Feel unstoppable with ongoing support and education designed to help you fall in love with health and fit it more seamlessly into your everyday life!! We’ll provide easy-to-digest weekly content related to nutrition (ie. eating a healthy breakfast, tips for eating out, common food pattern mistakes and more), mindset (ie. eating mindfully), fitness (ie. tips to help you fall in love with fitness), at home online workouts, menu plan samples and more (valued at $99). 

Ready to kick start your health and fitness? Sign up in 3 easy steps today!

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