Six Ways To Help Motivate Yourself To Exercise In The Cold Dark Weather

Six Ways To Help Motivate Yourself To Exercise In The Cold Dark Weather

May 17, 2019

It’s that time of year ladies!

That time of year where the weather changes and our motivation to move takes a hit.

That time of year when you no longer wake up at sunrise, but have to wake up BEFORE the sun rises….  it definitely gets a little harder to jump on outta bed and get your body moving!

That time of year when you no longer make it home before the sunsets, but get home AFTER the sun sets…… it definitely gets a little harder to convince yourself to do that after-work exercise session!

We are certainly lovers of that sunshine here in Perth hey?!

Just so we’re clear, I don’t believe it is possible to feel motivated 100% of the time. Just like happiness, joy, sadness, or frustration… motivation is an emotion. It ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, and if you’re relying on motivation to strike to get started, or you think motivation will always be there to keep you going through the winter months… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s rarely how it works!

Here’s SIX ways you can help motivate yourself to exercise in the cold dark weather.

1. Visualise how you’ll feel after

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting your mind go down the “it’s too dark, it’s too cold, my bed is nice and toasty warm, or I just want to get home and put my warm PJs on and sit on the couch”. These lines of thought only lead to one kind of action, and its not the kind of action than involves much movement! So instead of thinking about how hard it seems to get to your session, or how cold your currently feel, flip your thinking and visualise how great you’ll feel after the session’s over. Think about the post-workout high you’ll be on, or how content you’ll feel for getting it done, or how toasty warm your body will be after you move it for 30mins!

2. Plan in advance

Pre-booking your workouts into your week (ie. writing them into your diary) means you have to mentally make a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing. Pre-paying for your classes means you’re putting something on the line before you even show up. Pre-organising your workout gear (ie. clothes, shoes, water bottle etc) means you’re helping minimise the impact little daily distractions or de-motivators have on your readiness to workout.

3. Try something new!

If you were in a great routine in Summer, but can’t seem to face walking into the gym now its almost Winter, sometimes what you really need is a change of scenery. Take some time to find a new workout or fitness approach that gives you a fresh start and helps you learn a new skill too. A change really does help to inject fresh motivation!

We always aim to change up our workouts and add something new to our timetable in Winter. This year we’ve changed some of our workout structures to better suit working out indoors, and have added Yoga with Heart In Yoga (and I know for a fact Avril spends a bit of time heating up the room so its toasty warm ready for your arrival!).

4. Wear something warm!

There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing choices! If you’re heading outdoors to exercise, invest in good quality winter activewear – thermal leggings, gloves, headbands, the lot! If you’re exercising indoors, you probably don’t need all the thermal gear, but layers can certainly help! At this time of year I tend to wear full length tights + tank top + long sleeved top + sweater + jacket + a scarf to the workout and by the end of the warm up I’ve ditched 3 layers.

Investing in some new activewear can also help boost your motivation to move. A colourful new pair of shoes, some stylish full length tights, or a couple of pretty pieces you can layer on top (ie. long sleeved top and sweater). It’s amazing what impact a new outfit, or wearing some in-season colours can do to our mood! I’m heading to Favourite Daughter to purchase a few pretty layers this week!

5. Buddy up!

Research has proven time and time again that people (and women in particular!) are less likely to skip their workouts when a friend is joining them. For some reason, it’s a lot easier to skip out on yourself than it is on a friend! So try booking in a workout buddy, or a few, for your various sessions and make sure you check in the night before to give each other a bit of a pep up!

We always aim to do a BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE class over Winter to help you ‘buddy up’. This year it’s a BEAUTIFUL class lead by Alicia from Guided Heart Movement on Friday evening. Grab your girlfriend and come check it out!

6. Shop your way to get up and go!

These are winter items that could just help you get up and get out of the house, no matter how icky the weather is…

  • A good quality puffer jacket to make you feel like you’re literally wearing your warm doona/duvet out of the house!
  • Long, high waisted tights that keep not just your legs but also your tummy and back toasty.
  • A little fan-powered foot heater for the bathroom. Seriously, these are about $30-40 and you can grab them from Bunnings or Kmart/Target/etc. Pop it in your bathroom, along with your workout gear and it will literally heat up your whole bathroom in about 30 seconds flat, meaning you can dress and get ready in comfort, and by the time you’re ready to go, you’ll actually be so warm that the cool outdoor air will be a welcome treat!
  • If you really want to splurge, grab an artificial sunrise alarm clock (we love the LUMIE) to help you wake up. You set your ideal wake-up time, and the clock creates, you guessed it, an artificial sunrise leading up to that time. This means that you wake up to a light room and feel a lot more awake and less like hitting the snooze button.

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