Snacking Tips and Inspo For Your Shopping List

May 8, 2023

It is totally normal to want and need snacks between meals. Depending on your energy requirements and the meals you’ve eaten sometimes we need more snacks, sometimes we need none. It actually doesn’t matter if you prefer to have 3 larger meals a day or 3 moderate meals and 2 snacks. What does matter is that you don’t skip meals.


Snack Tips From Our Resident Nutritionist Sarah Moore

  • There’s no such thing as the perfect snack – you can literally snack on anything of your choosing!!
  • Snacks should ‘satisfy us’ not ’tease us’.
  • I encourage you to think of them as ‘mini meals’ rather than ‘bite sized bits of food’.
  • I recommend aiming for at least 2 food groups in each snack and trying to think of what your day is missing so far – often that’s veg and protein (ie. popcorn and nuts; yoghurt & granola; or celery & cheese: apple & peanut butter)
  • Include snacks in your weekly meal plan and shopping list
  • Keep a couple of snacks in your bag or in the car for emergency snacking. – ones that keep well like like whole fruit, nuts and popcorn.
  • Keep a little list of potential snack options on your fridge. Visual reminders are super handy for tired or busy brains (hey Mamma I’m looking at you)
  • Put it on a plate. Many Busy women tend to grab small things and eat on the go – then 15mins later we wonder why we’re still hungry… put it on a plate. Does that look like enough?
  • Understand that hunger fluctuates. Some days we need more snacks, some days we need less. Honour thy hunger signals.

Snack Inspo For Your Shopping List

PS. I’m currently loving this BBox snack back for packing my week day (and weekend adventure) snacks!


This resource was made in collaboration with our resident Nutritionist SARAH MOORE.


Helping busy women improve their nutrition habits is something we explore more in our KICKSTARTERSQUADS and COACHING SERVICES. If you’d like more information about how we can support your nutrition goals drop me an email on



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