Let’s Talk About Consistency

February 10, 2023

Struggling to maintain workout consistency is actually one of the top issues I hear busy women state when they first walk through our door.  And keeping consistent when we are busy, tired, or dealing with life, etc can be tricky. It can feel like we “aren’t winning” or like we’re “failing”. The good news is, being more consistent is one of the most raved about outcomes of women in our community so we do know a thing or two about it. 

Here are my fav consistency boosting tips and strategies.

(1) It’s ok to miss a workout (or 2)

Don’t beat yourself up over missed workouts.It’s unnecessary, and it’s not sustainable. I’ve seen women be so tough on themselves for missing a workout (or multiple workouts) that it spirals downward and leads to missing more workouts (or ‘giving up’ on workouts altogether). Life happens. And life will continue to happen. You could even say that missing workouts is a part of life. No biggie!

(2) ‘Consistently’ doesn’t mean ‘perfectly’

I know people have heard this, but I find myself having to remind women of it often! 
Consistency is not ‘perfect adherence’ to the plan.
Consistency is about doing whatever you can, whenever you can, with whatever you’ve got.

Sometimes consistency will feel like 80/20, and sometimes it’ll feel like much less.
Sometimes consistency will feel great, sometimes it will feel boring.
Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re winning, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re failing.

(3) Use actions, strategies and systems

**stay tuned for a follow up blog post briefly exploring each of these a little more**

  • Clarifying your vision and goals
  • Setting clear intentions 
  • Scheduling your workouts into your diary
  • Having back up plans (ie. “something is better than nothing” and quick at home workouts for the win!)
  • Celebrating small wins
  • Talking kindly to yourself (ie. self compassion)
  • Doing movement/activities you enjoy
  • Embracing a “real, not perfect” mantra
  • Embracing ‘action’ not ‘motivation’
  • Ditching diet culture and comparisonitis
  • Priming your environment (ie. Setting out your workout clothes ahead of time)
  • Temptation bundling (ie. only listen to your fav podcast when you go for walks)
  • Sharing your intentions with your loved ones
  • Joining a likeminded community  (online and/or in person)
  • Saying yes to rest (and recovery)
  • Saying yes to support (ie. trainer, coach, community)
  • Saying yes to adventure (ie. fun, joy, challenge, variety)
  • Ensuring your basic needs are being met (ie. sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress management)


There will be times you miss workouts. It’s normal. Missing workouts is a part of life. Don’t give up.

There will be times ‘being consistent’ will feel frustrating as hell, messy AF or like you’re ‘not winning’. There will be times you’ll want to get to workouts, but life will get in the way. You’ll think you’re ‘doing it wrong’ or that you’re ‘failing’. Don’t give up.

Thanks to the popular misconception that habits take 21 days to create people overestimate the goodness that can come from 21 days of consistency, but underestimate what  can come from 5 years of consistency. Don’t give up.



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