The Say Yes Method

October 3, 2022


At SAY YES FITNESS we are all about empowering busy women (especially Mammas) to create their OWN happy, healthy and adventurous life.  We do this through our signature Say Yes Method of ACTION > ABILITY > ADVENTURE.

1. Action

The all important first step in your health and fitness journey is making the all important decision to PRIORITISE YOURSELF – or as you’ll often hear me proclaim, SAY YES to you.

And sure, that might sound simple enough – but 15+ years in the health/fitness/wellness industry has taught me this is the hardest step for most busy women to take. 

Why? Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of confidence, feeling too unfit, feeling confused about where to start, feeling overwhelmed by ‘how much’ they have to do or ‘how far’ they have to go, feeling scared or intimidated by the fitness industry, being hurt and disheartened by diet/wellness culture, being super self critical, bullsh*t societal expectations and pressures, annnnddd Mamma guilt… just to name a few.

Here’s a few things I highly recommend women do, use or focus on, during this all important ACTION step: 

  • Clarifying your vision.
  • Setting intentions rather than goals.
  • Taking simple action.
  • Building solid foundations.
  • Connecting with likeminded women.
  • Feeling good and having fun.
Our 6 WEEK KICKSTARTER is focused on empowering our community to PRIORITISE THEMSELVES and take ACTION.

2. Ability

After you have made that all important decision to SAY YES to yourself, and you’ve build some solid foundations in line with this to ensure you continue to SAY YES consistently, sustainably and enjoyably throughout the ups and downs of life (ie. you have a clear and strong vision; you know how to set intentions; you’ve built a foundation level of strength and fitness; you’ve found joy in movement and know how good fitness can feel), the next step is to STRENGTHEN YOUR ABILITY.

This is where our signature SAY YES MODEL and collaborative SUPPORT TEAM OF HEALTH PROFESSIONALS come into play. The SAY YES MODEL encompasses NINE KEY ELEMENTS we believe are crucial to helping busy women create their own happy, healthy life and ADVENTUROUS life. 

We offer a range of products (ie. Say Yes Planner) and support services (ie. Clarity Consult) to help support women in our community to strengthen their ability.

Say Yes Model
The Say Yes Model

3. Adventure

A life you feel happy, strong and connected to self and others; You embrace the messiness, the ups and the downs, and the ever changing seasons of life; You feel clear on what you need and confident saying yes to yourself; You find ways to nourish your own needs; You are a positive role model and are able to give back to others because you’ve given to yourself first; You practice gratitude and kindness; You show yourself (and others) compassion and avoid comparison; You have healthy online habits; You say NO to sitting on the sidelines of life; You say YES to living and authentic and adventurous life.

But, you know an adventurous life is real, not perfect.

You know it’s NOT an immaculate house, a dream job, an arbitrary number on the scales, perfectly behaved children, never missing a workout, never hitting snooze on your alarm, always feeling motivated, only eating ‘treat’ foods on special occasions, always setting and smashing big goals, never complaining, never failing, never forgetting.
You know you are real – not perfect.
You know you are real, worthy and enough.

You SAY YES to you.
You SAY YES to creating your OWN happy, healthy and adventurous life.


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