No new year resolutions – two words instead

January 11, 2023

I can remember the last time

I can remember the last time I set a few new year resolutions. They came with a you-beaut ‘plan’ for the year ahead. From January through to December I had it all mapped out. It was 2019, going into 2020. Ha!  Good one universe. You got me.

I’d spent all this time

I spend all this time brainstorming, dreaming, planning, preparing. And then literally threw my plan, my calendar and plane tickets to Italy out the window, buckled up, and held on for the ride. Nek minute, it’s 2023. Yeehar!

Last year I took a different approach

To be honest, 2020 and 2021 are pretty fuzzy. A new baby bubble, small business navigating a pandemic, and oldest child starting school. Trying to be present and enjoy the journey. Trying to soak up all the new baby goodness. Trying not to overthink all the things. Trying to keep a business afloat. Trying to support a nervous child starting school.

There are a lot of good times entwined in those couple of years – but overall it felt overwhelming, frustrating AF and chaotic. Like I was trying to play all these roles, but half assing every single one of them. 

Last year I reached out to good friend Darielle Bown from THE WANDERLUST AGE to help me feel more confident and excited walking into 2022. I wanted to say goodbye to chaos and overwhelm, and hello to more flow and joy. She helped me simplify and clarify my VISION and my INTENTIONS and it was fan-freaken-tastic. Heres three examples of how I took my VISION, and created INTENTIONS:

  1. My vision included more FOCUS and FLOW >> I created better systems of work and improved how I transition from work life to non-work life (**still working on this)
  2. My vision involved more JOY and ADVENTURE >> I said yes to more simple weekend family adventures and joined a netball team.
  3. My vision saw me strengthening CONNECTIONS >> I booked monthly dates with hubby and monthly co-working days with a bunch of powerhouse women in biz.

As much as 2022 had its challenges – clarifying my vision and intentions (and reminding myself or these frequently) most DEFINITELY helped create a more focused, joyful, adventurous and connected year for me. 2022 felt better.

I did something similar this year

I’ve spent the last couple months thinking of ways in which I’d like to feel, or things I’d like to SAY YES to more (or less) in 2023. I feel like I’m stepping back into my POWER after a couple hectic years in small biz and the #newmammabubble and I wanna PLAY for fun, challenge and adventure again.

So for 2023, my words are POWER and PLAY

One #POWERPLAY I said yes to late last year was a comfort-zone-smashing boudie shoot with CROOKED IMAGES. Sure, my impending 40th birthday definitely played a part in helping me go from “I’m not sure about this” to “Yeeesss Girl!” and I’m super glad I pulled up my big girl pants and gave it a fair crack (if you’re familiar with the boudie shoot you’ll no doubt find that last sentence pretty pun-tastic and have a good giggle hehehe).

Heres to a year of POWER and PLAY

Heres to a year of strengthening habits that help me to power up, and power down AND enjoying more of the simple playful moments in life!

Have you clarified your VISION or set INTENTIONS for 2023?

Happy New Year Beautiful Humans.

Renee x



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