Why Meal Plans Are Not The Answer

August 29, 2022

In theory, obtaining a quick and simple meal plan from your fav Wellness Blogger, Fitness Trainer, or Nutrition Coach might seem like the perfect solution to your nutrition or weight loss goals. We understand why; you want to get started immediately and you just want someone who knows what they’re doing to tell you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. Problem solved!  

Or is it?


  • Can be useful for short-term resets
  • Can be useful for injecting some variety into stale eating patterns
  • Can offer a clearer form of precision (ie. more controlled energy and nutrient levels). 


  • Lack comprehensive detail that consider YOUR individual needs (body and mind) 
  • Lack flexibility. We need our eating patterns to be flexible for times when we don’t have all the ingredients, we need to eat out, we’re too tired or stressed to be cooking new meals, we have to self isolate, we get hit hard with unexpected work or longer hours, or the ‘diet sized’ portions simply aren’t big enough.
  • Only focus on “WHAT” and don’t factor in the more important “HOW”. In other words they DON’T give you systems or strategies to actually achieve the plan. Most of us actually know WHAT we should eat. But we lack the STRATEGIES needed to plan, shop, cook, pack, store etc.
  • Not sustainable long term. You may have experienced this yourself when you’ve previously tried to follow a rigid low energy meal plan. You likely kept up with it for a bit (week, month, 3 months) and then you “fell off the wagon” and blamed a lack of your willpower, motivation or boredom.


Typically MEAL PLANS are offered to ‘Challenge Participants’ as a means to achieve their weight loss goals. But, weight loss is a long and slow process that has to work around everyday life.  It requires adaptive STRATEGIES to fit your lifestyle and current pattern of eating.  Your ideal pattern of eating should consider your favourite foods, eating out, family meals, your daily schedule, the foods you have access to and the foods you like to eat.

A big key to weight loss is actually your own empowerment. 

While meal plans can be full of interesting healthy meal ideas, they don’t really teach anything but how to follow a meal plan.  As a result, you aren’t learning how to plan and execute your own flexible healthy eating plan, that works for you and your life.


If meal plans aren’t the best tool for nutrition or weight loss goals, then what is? It’s actually YOU. Your own insight and awareness around your current lifestyle and food choices is the first big step in discovering what dietary changes are right for you. These also need to be reviewed regularly to keep you on track and to move with you as the seasons change. 

If you want some support with this process, our resident NUTRITIONIST SARAH MOORE can help. Nutrition Coaching is a gentle but consistent process that gives insight into your current eating habits and solutions with strategies, support and food ideas to keep you motivated and on track.


The most common nutrition and weight loss problems seem to be not knowing where to start or which strategies that you’ve read about will work for you. Many women put a lot of effort into their diet and exercise but don’t see the results they were hoping for.

In addition to your Say Yes membership, nutrition coaching gives you the opportunity to show up each week to learn about yourself, your eating habits and how your body responds to different strategies. Nutrition coaching isn’t about telling you what to eat, it is about being guided through the process in a methodological and consistent way to achieve your goals.

Coaching with Sarah does not involve being prescribed a diet, supplement or regime. It goes beyond nutrition education by looking at your lifestyle more holistically to address the practical, everyday things that affect your energy, sleep, diet, movement and weight. Sarahs goal with coaching is to help you to implement the knowledge you already have about health and nutrition. Coaching helps facilitate the persistent action you need to execute every day to lose weight.

Together with Sarah you will:

  • Identify the specific things required to help you reach your nutrition goals (taking into account what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past)
  • Develop a clear, simple, step by step plan so you know exactly what to do each week.
  • Implement solutions to the things that sneak up and get in your way.
  • Stay on track with the information and guidance you need, when you need it.


Email Renee to request more information about our NUTRITION COACHING packages – renee@sayyesfitness.com.au


This blog article was written in collaboration with our RESIDENT NUTRITIONIST Sarah Moore.



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