6 Super Easy Breakfast Ideas

Do you find it tough to make time for a good breakfast in the morning, but then end up starving at your desk with no healthy options in sight? Try our 6 super simple, healthy ideas for breakfasts you can either eat quickly at home, or bundle up and bring with you to work, or wherever else you’re hurrying off to.

1. For cereal lovers

  • Rolled oats + nuts/seeds + shaved coconut + Goji berries
  • Pop it all in a Tupperware container and soak overnight (in your favourite milk).
  • If you forget to soak overnight just shake it up and top with your favourite milk and a little full-fat Greek yoghurt (plain).

2. For protein heroes

  • Boil a bunch of eggs on the weekend
  • Pop 2-3 in a tuppperware container with a handful of baby spinach (and/or whatever other veggies you have, we also love baby tomatoes, avocado or mushrooms)
  • When you get to work, add olive oil and salt/pepper/chilli and eat!

3. For healthy fat fanatics

  • 1 piece of rye bread, toasted + half an avocado + tinned sardines or salmon in olive oil
  • Put the last two ingredients on the first, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and maybe add a bit of mustard.

4. For sweet seekers

  • Half a cup of Chia seeds + half a cup of coconut milk + pinch of vanilla + dash of maple syrup + small handful blueberries or sliced strawberries
  • Mix it up, put it in the fridge overnight, eat in the morning with a scoop of your choice of yoghurt. It’s delicious, filling and sweet but light on sugar

5. For ‘blitz and go’ babes

  • 1 big handful baby spinach + 1 sliced cucumber + 1 handful frozen blueberries + 1 scoop protein powder of choice + small handful almonds and/or shaved coconut + water or coconut water + ice. Blitz it all up, pop it in a drink shaker and off you go!

6. For vegan protein seekers

  • Rice + beans + greens
  • Cook and put all together in a bowl = the perfect complete protein source!
  • Tip: do a big prep day for this one on a Sunday and eat it alllll week long

And here’s 6 more simple ideas, just for good measure:

  • Rice cakes with avocado, ricotta and strawberries
  • Toast with nut butter, banana and chia
  • Small tub of full-fat, plain Greek yoghurt with added berries and/or nuts
  • Sliced apple with nut butter
  • 2 boiled eggs with a scoop of hummus
  • Leftover meat and veggie stir fry from the night before



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