Festive Health Tips I Don’t Recommend and What I’ll Be Doing Instead

December 12, 2023

Ah, the festive season – a time for joy, laughter, and an abundance of questionable festive health tips. As we navigate the holiday landscape, it’s essential to approach our well-being with a compassion (not comparison) and realism (not perfectionism). In the spirit of embracing the season without unnecessary (and unhealthy) restrictions, here are a few festive health tips I DON’T recommend, a few things I will be doing instead.


Festive Health Tips I Don’t Recommend

  1.  ‘Healtifying’ Everything: In the pursuit of wellness, there’s a temptation to turn every festive treat into a low-energy, nutrient-packed version. No body wants black bean brownies or chick pea ice cream (unless they have food intolerances). And surely theres more to life than choosing dark chocolate everytime you want a damn chocolate. It really doesn’t nurture your body, mind or soul to be thinking you can are only meant to (or allowed to) eat foods that are deemed ‘healthy’ or ‘good’. This season is about celebration, culture, tradition and celebration – not BS diet culture and deprivation. Food is an integral part of the holiday experience so ditch the guilt and enjoy in the things you love about Christmas and life.
  2. Restricting Portions and Using Small Plates: Resist the urge to control your portions by downsizing your plate. Focus on eating mindfully and listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues instead. Enjoying a variety of foods you enjoy is key to a happy, healthy holiday.
  3. Drinking Lemon Water to Detox: Detoxing your gut or kickstarting your metabolism with lemon water? It sounds appealing, but best to focus on hydration with water and enjoy the festive flavours without relying on detox trends.
  4. Exercising to Earn or Burn: This season, let go of the notion that you need to earn your meals through exercise. Move your body for joy, stress relief, challenge, connection… not as a punishment for whatever you ate (or plan to eat). Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do; or a time to unwind; or an opportunity to connect; or a moment to clear your mind…. not a means of compensation.
  5. Skipping Meals: Skipping meals to compensate for a big feast is not the answer. Try to eat regular, balanced meals throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and your appetite in check.


What I’ll Be Doing This Festive Season:

  1. Daily movement: I’ll be aiming to move my body every day. Whether it’s stretching before bed, a quick walk to the park, a beach stroll or a quick home workout. It all counts, and it’s about enjoyment, not obligation.
  2. Balanced meals: Three balanced meals a day, complete with protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. My body and brain needs nutrients and energy to function normally let alone at festive levels.
  3. Choosing foods I love: I’ll be enjoying adult sized plates full of the foods I want and love with the people I love.  My soul needs the foods I love with people I love without restriction or guilt.
  4. Listening to my body: When I embrace the above three tips, I’m much more able to be present and mindful because my brain isn’t bombarded with negative self talk or full of unrealistic ‘should’s’ (ie “I should eat that” and “I shouldn’t eat that” and “I should do that” and “I shouldn’t do that”). Being present and mindful means I can listen to my body better and actually hear what its requesting or suggesting (ie. “I’m full” or “I’m thirsty”, or “I’m overstimulated AF and need a nap in a dark room” etc)


The Festive Season is Apart of Living a Happy and Healthy Life

The thing is, the festive season IS apart of life. We don’t fall off wagons, or get off track… we live a life.
This is apart of normal life.
Diet culture, toxic fitspo and comparisonitis might have you believe you SHOULD restrict yourself of bad foods; you should maintain the perfect fitness routine all year round, and you should just use your willpower to make ‘good’ choices over the festive season.
And nope.
All this ‘stuff’ is taking up valuable head space and energy. It’s challenging your worth. It’s dragging you down this festive season. But here’s the beautiful truth: there is freedom in letting go of this BS. A beautiful life changing freedom!
Embrace the joy of the festive season without the unnecessary baggage. This is a life-changing freedom that allows you to savour every moment, enjoy every bite, and celebrate the beauty of life without the shackles of unrealistic expectations. Happy holidays to a season filled with joy, connection, and the freedom to live life beautifully.


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