Intro Offer

Ready to SAY YES to yourself & your health?
Our INTRO OFFER is a great place to start!

INTRO OFFER inclusions

  • 4 passes to our TIMETABLE of classes: Come check out our workouts and meet our community!
  • Free Babysitter at our Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri midmorning classes to help entertain the babes whilst our Mummas move!
  • One-on-one consult: A time for us to chat through your wants, needs (and fears); recommend classes that will match your goals; and discuss ways you can modify moves to better suit your needs.
  • 2 week expiry: Start from the date you attend your first class, not the date of purchase.

Want MORE?

Want more accountability and support? More empowering resources? More strength and fitness? Check out our 8 Week Challenge!

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