8 Week Challenge

Ready to SAY YES to yourself and your health.... for life?!

Many women who haven’t exercised regularly for a looooonnnggg time (or ever) are seriously nervous or scared to make a start. “This is going to hurt” and “Am I going to be the least fit person there?” are quite often what we hear them say.

Or perhaps you have been exercising regularly…. sort of… but are struggling to find and maintain your motivation.. 

The goal of the 8 week challenge is to help you create a positive and sustainable relationship with exercise. A relationship that will help keep you motivated to continue for life, not just for 8 weeks.
  • WHEN April 26th to June 18th 2021
  • COST $264 (or $33/week payment plans available!)
  • GOAL & INCLUSIONS outlined below


  • Help you create a positive and sustainable relationship with exercise 
  • Introduce you to a gorgeous community of women
  • Teach you how to safely move
  • Show you how to modify moves to better suit your needs 
  • Share game changer health and fitness advice 

We do all this gradually – or you’re likely to feel overwhelmed, really sore, tired and frustrated. And we don’t think that’s an enjoyable or sustainable approach!


  • One-on-one consult to discuss your goals (and challenges) and help tailor workouts to your individual needs
  • Unlimited access to our timetable of classes for 8 weeks 
  • Free babysitting at our midmorning classes
  • Content videos (Includes: What most people struggle with when it comes to making changes to their health habits; The most common error I see people make when they want to start an exercise program, or boost their exercise habits; Something I think most people don’t consider by definitely should; Goal setting tips; The biggest misconception about motivation; What I recommend you do when you feel unmotivated to train and more!) 
  • Handy resources to compliment content delivered (includes motivation workout tracker, at home workouts, recipes, self care strategies and more)
  • Optional coaching calls to check in, celebrate wins and problem solve challenges
  • Ongoing support and motivation from our beautiful team of trainersC