Ditch New Year Guilt And Set Yourself Up For A Feel-Good Feb!

January 23, 2024

Anyone else feel like January has been a whirlwind of festivities, family and frantic school holiday fun?

As kids return to school, it’s okay to admit you’re feeling a bit ‘blah.’

Maybe even a tad sh*tty. (Yep, we said it!)

Those New Year high vibes fade fast, leaving you wondering why you even bothered to set goals in the first place.

Or perhaps you’ve been too consumed looking after everyone else’s needs to even think about yourself.

I hear ya.


January Guilt Dilemma

You made all those big promises at the start of January – exercise three times a week, eat more veg, drink more water, drink less alcohol, walk more, scroll less, read more…. Your intentions were there, but the plan didn’t quite come to fruition.

Before you get down about it, give yourself an epic high five! Because choosing to put yourself first is the hardest part. And we’re super proud of you for taking this step.

But how do you end up feeling rubbish and frustrated at the past month when you started off so determined to make changes?

In our experience, New Year plans often get worn down by these two common problems:


Two Things That Often Wear Down Near Year Goals

1. The Energy Drain

After pouring your heart and energy into making Christmas magical, and surviving the school holiday hustle, you’re left feeling a bit depleted. The endless cooking, decorating, shopping, organising play dates, taxing, and ‘gently’ telling your kids to get off tech and get outside, can really take a toll. It’s no wonder you’re yearning for a pick-me-up.

The constant juggling of priorities and shifting your focus is exhausting too. Trying to be available for everyone and everything while sliding into holiday mode is a recipe for burnout.

You want to take the kids to the beach but the washing needs doing. You need to work but your friends want to catch up and your kids have been on screens all morning.

The usual school routine (even though it’s monotonous) isn’t there to guide your days. So 7am quickly becomes 5pm and you’re wondering where the day went.


2. Frustration Turns to Blame

You had your eyes set on January as the month to start ticking off those health goals. But as January progresses, the frustration sets in. The plans you meticulously crafted and posted all over socials aren’t quite panning out.

Cue your inner mean girl ranting about how you stuffed up again. Damn, she can be nasty!

Then instead of trying again tomorrow, you wilt into a pile of self-loathing and inner stories about how you never stick to anything or you always fail.

Lady, STOP.

None of it’s true.

If you took a real, long look at your life, you’d be able to list hundreds of times you’ve stuck to a plan. Just count the number of lunches you made last year. You planned to feed the kids – and you did!

It’s time to tell your inner mean girl to take a hike.


So now you know why January doesn’t quite hit expectations, how can you do it differently this year?

Follow our next four tips to set yourself up for a feel good February.


4 Ways To Set Yourself Up For A Feel Good Feb

1. Check Your Health Habits

Let’s start with the basics. 

  • Have you been staying hydrated? 
  • Are you getting in some movement, even if it’s just a little bit each day? 
  • Do you go to bed at a reasonable time to prioritise sleep? Or do you keep scrolling with your eyes half open?
  • And don’t forget those balanced meals! How much fruit, veg and protein have you had today?

These are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. But instead of trying to overhaul everything at once, pick just one thing you want to tackle in Feb.

By focusing on just one small change, you’ll have a much better chance of sticking with it consistently (not perfectly) for the long term. And consistently sticking to things for the long term is where the real health benefits lie!

If that small change it seems too simple, I assure you, it’s not. Small simple actions add up over time. Do what you can, when you can. I promise you it’s enough.


2. Embrace Real, F$#K Perfection

Here’s the deal – waiting for ‘perfect conditions’ or aiming to ‘reach perfection’ never works.

Life is beautifully messy and we are all worthy exactly as we are.

So go ahead and give yourself permission to be who you are. When we embrace where we’re at (even when we want to change it) we boost those positive vibes and our build our inner confidence.

Perfection is overrated. Real life is where the magic lies.


3. Simplify Your Start

Meeting yourself where you’re at is vital to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Not chasing someone else’s ideal or following a complex plan that feels more like a chore than a choice. You don’t need a mind-boggling, intricate strategy or an extreme lifestyle overhaul to make meaningful progress. Complexity often leads to overwhelm, making it harder to stay on track. 

Instead, let’s keep it simple and focus on the essentials that matter most to you. This way, you’ll look forward to your daily choices rather than dreading them.

To reclaim your energy and headspace, take a deep breath and choose your top three priorities.

They might be something like:

  • Drink an extra glass of water every day
  • Get to bed before 10pm
  • Go for a 15min morning walk twice a week

Remember, it’s not about where you start – it’s about the direction you’re heading. Each step you take, no matter how small, is progress. You’re building a lifestyle you love for the long term, not just a fleeting moment.


4. Say Yes to Support

White-knuckling your way through January (or the year) isn’t the answer. 

Instead, say yes to support. Seek out friends, family, or professionals (like us) to be your allies and cheerleaders. Team up with another mum to take turns watching the kids while you do some exercise. Or ask a family member to pop over for a walking catch-up.

You don’t have to go it alone.


Feel Good This Feb

As your kids head back to school in February, let go of any January guilt. Beating yourself up isn’t going to get you what you want. Saying yes to restart will!

Use these simple steps – checking in on your health habits, embracing imperfection, simplifying your start, and saying yes to support – to feel good this Feb turn your year around with ease.

This year, it’s all about being kind to yourself, taking it one step at a time, and making the most of every moment. 

You’ve got this!

And we’ve got your back.




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