Discover Relief From The Mental Load Of Motherhood

October 17, 2023

What Is The Mental Load?

The Mental Load is the thinking, organising, planning, management, emotional work that underpins all of the aspects of family life, household life, everything related to our children.

It’s not just from trying to DO all the motherhood things, it’s also from constantly THINKING about all the motherhood things, PLUS all the other work/life things too.

How Can The Mental Load Negatively Impact Mothers?

The mental load of motherhood can:

  • feel heavy, unbalanced and exhausting.
  • feel like you’re moving through the world (and life) on autopilot
  • feel like you have ZERO HEADSPACE to think (let alone action) health behaviours for yourself.
  • lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.
  • negatively impact your experience of motherhood.
  • strain relationships with partners, family members, and friends.
  • lead to a sense of loss of self or invisibility.
  • cause a lack of self care including nutrition, exercise, and sleep.


Mental Load Red Flags

I quite commonly see these three red flags with mothers who are struggling with the mental load:
  1. Not eating three balanced meals a day (ie. skipping meals; forgetting to pack food for themselves; living off kids leftovers rather than serving self)
  2. Struggling to maintain consistency with their exercise routine (ie. they often sacrifice their exercise time to put others needs or committments first, and/or they often feel so exhausted from the mental load of motherhood they struggle to muster the energy to exercise)
  3. Lacking adequate sleep (ie. A mothers brain is constantly buzzing with the mental load they carry for the people they love. They struggle to quieten the noise, or switch off, especially at night. Some of their nighttime ‘relaxation’ habits – like sipping a glass of wine whilst watching netflix can also impede on the quality and quantity of their sleep)

If this is resonating with you, I want to take this moment to gently (and lovingly) remind you of one seriously powerful and practical strategy we truly believe can provide much needed relief and respite to the mental load of motherhood  – GROUP EXERCISES CLASSES.


NB: I want to make it clear, I do not believe the mental load should NOT fall solely on Mothers, though I know it most often does. Parenting is a team sport. Dividing household and childcare tasks (including the thinking, pre-planning and planning stages of the task) fairly with your partner/household/support team AND communicating openly about how you’re feeling, whats on your mind and what you need help with is crucial. Need help with this? You might like to check out the book FAIR PLAY by Eve Rodsky or check out the free resources available on The Mental Load Project website.


Discover Relief: Group Exercise Classes

Are you wanting to lighten the load and regain a sense of balance? Are you aching for mental AND physical respite for yourself? Group exercise classes might just be the strategy you’re looking for. Here’s how we believe group exercise can help:

1. Time for Self-Care

Group exercise classes provide a space for self-care. This dedicated time allows you to temporarily set aside the mental burden of multitasking and focus solely on yourself.

2. A Supportive Community

In group exercise classes, you’ll find more than just a workout; you’ll discover a supportive community of fellow mothers. Sharing experiences and challenges with like-minded individuals can be incredibly therapeutic.

3. Stress Reduction Through Movement

Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, offering a much-needed reprieve from the mental load and helping you navigate motherhood with a clearer and more resilient mind. Exercise also releases endorphins — your body’s natural mood lifters.

4. Enhancing Your Well-being

By prioritizing self-care through group exercise classes you’re making an investment in both your mental and physical health. It’s about creating a healthy happy balance that works for you, which in turn can empower you to tackle the demands of motherhood with increased confidence.

5. Improved Sleep

Many mothers struggle with sleep disturbances due to their constant mental load. Group exercise classes can help regulate sleep patterns, leading to more restorative sleep and better overall well-being.


Lighten the Load

The mental load of motherhood is undoubtedly a heavy one. By saying yes to regular group exercise classes we truly believe you can discover mental and physical relief. Prioritizing yourself and saying yes to support in this way can be life-changing. You deserve this respite.





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