Are You Meeting These 3 Pillars Of Movement?

September 8, 2022

What should I do? Where do I begin? How do I know if my efforts are actually going to make a difference to my long term health? I feel so unfit and nervous about starting – help!

Close out the noise and focus on these 3 important pillars of movement:

1. Get your heart rate up

Ideally for 150mins at a moderate intensity (or 75mins at a vigorous intensity) every week, but you can work up to that. To start, something is better than nothing. This could look like a combination of days, times and intensities.


  • Light = Easy. Breathing and talking normally whilst doing it. Can be sustained for at least 60mins.
  • Moderate = Comfortable but challenging. Breathing heavily but can hold a conversation. Can usually be sustained for 30-60mins
  • Vigorous = Borderline uncomfortable. Short of breath. Can speak a sentence. Can usually last up to 30mins.
  • High = Difficult and uncomfortable. Can barely breath. Can barely speak more than a few words. Can not be sustained for longer than 10mins.


2. Include muscle-strengthening activities

Ideally, on at least two days each week, but you can work up to that. To start, something is better than nothing. This could be bodyweight exercises (ie. lunges, squats or push ups) done at home, lifting weights in a structured group workout or at a gym, or could also include tasks that involve lifting, carrying or digging.

3. Move your body throughout the day and reduce sitting time

Park further away, take regular stretch or walk breaks at work, use a standing desk, change the position you’re working in regularly, get off the bus one stop earlier, get down to the park for a play kids, take the stairs instead of the lift. Every bit of movement counts and reducing the time we spend sitting is important for our long term health and wellbeing.

Why are these 3 pillars important?

These 3 movement pillars provide us with an important framework. A framework that gives us guidance and confidence to know that how we’re approaching movement is actually moving the needle for our health forward. While simultaneously freeing us up from BS like “the best workout for your body shape” or “the best workout to melt fat” or “the secret to getting your pre baby body back” kind of clickbait that is out there.

It allows you to seek movement YOU enjoy. Movement that can fit into YOUR life. Movement that feels good to YOU and your body. Most importantly – this framework has been show to be statistically significant in reducing chronic illness risk.

What’s your movement habits looking like at the moment? 

Are you hitting these pillars? Building up to them? Or is this the first time you’ve heard of them?

We cover these important bases (and more) in our classes so you don’t have to think, you can just rock up and do. We def don’t throw you in the VIGOROUS deep end or expect you to commit to multiple workouts a week to begin. You start at YOUR beginning which might mean one workout a week (or one workout a fortnight), at a LIGHT intensity – Happy days! Something IS better than nothing and we can build from there (if you want). YES GRL!





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