Aim To Be More, Not Less

January 15, 2022

I’m a huge believer in the importance of having a positive relationship with health and fitness…. it’s VITAL to our long term health and happiness!

This starts with aiming to be MORE…. not LESS.

Truth be told, many women start, restart, or look to ‘boost’ their exercise and health habits (ie. join 8 Week Challenges etc) with a goal related to weighing LESS.

This not only gets exhausting and frustrating pretty quick – it also puts your mental and emotional energy in all the wrong places.

You are so much MORE than your weight.

Chasing big dreams, going on active holidays, playing sport on the weekend, keeping up with your kids, giving back to your community, learning a new skill, stepping out of your comfort zone…. all of this demands a certain level of energy, strength and stamina.

All of this requires you to be MORE, not LESS.

Take your focus off weighing LESS…. and put your focus on having MORE!

  • MORE strength
  • MORE fitness
  • MORE energy
  • MORE mobility
  • MORE balance
  • MORE brain power
  • MORE confidence
  • MORE happiness

What does aiming to be MORE look like in our 8 Week Challenge?

Over the 8 weeks we’ll offer information, insight, inspiration and support to help you build positive and sustainable nutrition AND fitness habits. We explore things like:

  • Nurturing your relationship with nutrition and exercise
  • Setting behaviour based goals rather than weight loss goals
  • Common errors we see people make when it comes to implementing exercise and nutrition habit changes
  • Practical tips to help make health habits stick for life (including meal planning and food prep tips)
  • What to do when you feel unmotivated
  • Ways you can be more balanced and consistent with your health habits
  • And more

Are you ready to SAY YES to MORE of the good things in life?

Then you’ll want join me for our next 8 WEEK CHALLENGE!



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