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June 10, 2021

As we near the end of Financial year, I wanted to introduce you to beautiful Mother of three and passionate small business owner Terri Watson – Founder of @_thehealthywalletproject.

What do finances have to do with your health and fitness you ask?

Well, I’m sure many of us have experienced pushing a few of our health and self care habits to the side when the budget is looking tight.

Annnnnd I’m also sure many of us have experienced the knock on effect this has to our physical AND mental health.

This is where Terri comes in!

Terri is on a mission to help Mums feel financially empowered so they can confidently SAY YES to chasing their dreams and living a happy, healthy life.

She specialises in helping Mums who are forever second guessing themselves, who want to get a handle of things but feel so overwhelmed of where to start, who want to chase their dreams and provide for their family but money or the lack of money is stopping them.

Read more about Terri and The Healthy Wallet Project below.


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My stomach dropped.

Declined. Scrambling for my phone I apologised to the checkout person while jumping into my online banking. “Ahh I am short $5” I say to outloud but really my account is in negative, quickly I transfer funds. My hands are shaking and I can feel people staring at me. How did this happen I keep asking myself I checked my bank account before leaving the car just so this would not happen again.

Accepted. I make a beeline for the car making sure to not look at anyone and whisk the kids into the car.

Safely inside the tears start to flow.


We are earning good money so why does this keep happening.

In 2016 our whole world starting crumbling around us. Our Roofing Company went down the drain when the Perth construction industry took a dive. We suddenly had no six figure income. We had a new mortgage, a car on finance, 3 maxed out credit cards, more expenses going out then what was coming in. We also had two young children.

We had been happily living in a bubble of everything is fine. We had been winging life.

We had zero back up plan.


Sitting down and doing our finances was an overwhelming experience.

On our spreadsheet we were well and truly in the red. That night we didn’t talk to each other we were in shock.

We had no choice but to form a plan.

My husband had to go on wages again and I had to go back to work after being a stay at home mum for the past 4 years.

We had to get our credit card debt down, we had to sell our financed car and we had to make some serious changes to the way we were spending.

Reluctantly I dragged myself back to the industry of Financial Planning – Honestly, I felt like I had failed at life. Surely I should of done better.

The transition back to work didn’t go well. Looking after wealthy clients, working in a high intensity role, away from my kids from 7am until 6pm and missing out on being a part of kindy drop off and pick up played havoc on my mental health. I got burnt out, I was constantly sick and I cried a lot in the bathroom.

After deciding I couldn’t do it anymore, I found a job in a Financial Planning firm that looked after families and realised we were not the only family struggling financially.


It was like a switch flicked inside me.

It no longer became about me.

I became inspired to start talking and sharing my story and became determined to help families create their financial foundations so they could get back to doing what they love knowing that their finances were working in the background.

Talking about my struggles did not come naturally to me, I feared judgement but the more I shared my story the more real conversations I had and that was a game changer.

In 2019 I created The Healthy Wallet Project, a place where you can come and take a health check of your finances. The biggest takeaway I want people to know is that it is not about how much you earn it is about what you do with it that matters.


Where do you want your money to take you?

It is important to regularly check in on your finances and make sure you are aligned with your goals.

Now is a great time to take a Financial Health check to find out where your finances are at the moment and what you need to do to get on track.

  • I want you to take a moment and think about the goals you would love to achieve, I don’t want you to allow negative thoughts of not having the money to take over, if they do take three deep breaths and move past them, allow yourself to dream and picture your goals happening. What is it you truly want to achieve, if money was no barrier?
  • Now, this is the part none of us like. I get it, I didn’t want to do it either. You need to create a picture of how much it costs to be you so then you can get to the next part (and no you can’t skip it!) Do it properly once and you don’t have to do it again…..for a while but I promise the next time you have to you will be intrigued not petrified).
    • What are your fixed expenses (debt repayments)
    • What are your current living expenses? (Food, health, housing, health, transport, education, utilities)
    • What are your current lifestyle spending habits? (personal spending, entertainment, holidays, presents)
  • Check back in with your goals. Ok how are you feeling? How do things need to change?
  • You need to take action. So grab a piece of paper and a pen and start brainstorming how you are going to make your goal happen.
  • Map out your next 12 months, look at all the tasks you need to get done on your journey to your goal and create milestone goals over the next 12 months that are going to act as stepping stones. I love this exercise it gets you looking at the bigger picture. Rather than focusing on what isn’t happening right now, you can see how to start joining the dots.
  • Break it down. So what are the tasks you need to achieve over the next 6 months.
  • And then break it down even further and look at the tasks you need to complete over the next 90 days. By doing it this way you now have laser focus, you know what needs to get done. You know the actionable steps you have created are possible.


If you find yourself procrastinating to get started, join Terri over at THWP

The Healthy Wallet Project is a 90 day program that gets you:

  • The Healthy Wallet Project 90 day Budget Journal

  • 90 Days of brainstorming sessions to help you say bye to procrastination.

  • Access to our dedicated Members only community.

Find out more here


Your dreams are possible.

You are Strong.

You are capable.

Prove it to yourself.

Take control of your finances for you.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Terri:




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