7 Benefits Of Our Online Exercise With Say Yes

Social distancing, snap lockdowns, mandatory masks. These are three buzzworthy phrases we’ve come to know, but definitely not love.

It still blows my mind when I think how the world has pretty much been flipped upside down since this all kicked off in early 2020. We’ve had to ‘pivot’ how we do business, how we move about in public spaces, how we connect to our community, socialise with others, and how we maintain health and fitness habits.

How do we keep our health – physical, mental and social – intact through times like this? By staying connected and making ourselves and our health a priority…. that’s how!

Working out at home, attending online events or virtually hanging out with friends and family are fast becoming a ‘new normal’ part of the ‘health and wellness space’… and we’re all for it! Saying yes to the many advantages technology has to offer and using it in a HEALTHY way, is a must for ourselves and our health in 2021 and beyond!

Here are 7 BENEFITS of online exercise you’ll experience when you join SAY YES. 

1. The perfect COMPLIMENT for you

I’m a HUGE advocate of the importance of getting outta ya house to move and connect with like minded people in your local community (and SCIENCE backs this up). This has not changed since COVID came about. 

But, when we literally CAN’T get out of the house because of snap lockdowns, or exercising in mandatory masks makes movement uncomfortable, or social distancing requirements makes moving in public places more difficult – ONLINE to the rescue baby!

And that’s not the only time you should be SAYING YES to ONLINE! When you can’t get to as many in person classes as you’d like – because the kids get sick; you go away for work; all the social functions land in the same week; or you slept through your alarm – ONLINE to the rescue AGAIN baby!

2. You exercise more CONSISTENTLY

The BIGGEST benefit I’ve seen from women in our community who take advantage of online opportunities is that they are able to continue exercising, consistently!  In some cases, they exercised even more consistently than they previously could. 

THAT’S where the REAL health benefits (physical, mental and emotional) come from… CONSISTENCY!

3. Your OUTLET and SUPPORT squad

Emotions have been running high and at a crazy speed this past year. COVID updates taking over our news feed, empty store shelves, wearing masks, travel restrictions, work layoffs… the current social and economic climate is just a wee bit daunting. 

Are positive ONLINE exercise communities the answer? When it comes to your personal health and wellness, I believe it plays a critical role. You know the feelings you get after completing a SAY YES workout – channel that! Even though you’re watching it through a screen, disconnect your mind from drama and let yourself be consumed by those feel-good-fitness-feels. Reset your mind, body and soul. Let it go and move!

Online is your outlet to connect with yourself, and others. Online with familiar faces will remind you of the support squad you have by your side. We’re still here! Asking how your day was, cheering you on and trying to make you laugh with our lame jokes. Embrace this good energy outlet online offers

4. Less stress and more CONVENIENCE

Bumper to bumper traffic, mandatory masks, wintery weather, snap lockdowns, sick kids, and your crazy work schedule are much less of an issue to manage when technology gives you 24/7 access to workouts.  You can literally move when you want, how you want, for as long as you want, at an intensity you want.

Feeling stressed and in need of something gentle and soothing – press play on a 30minute BEAUTIFUL workout and be guided through a soulful flow or pilates and yoga. 

Feeling lethargic and in need of something invigorating – press play on a 10minute ENERGY workout and be guided through a wicked full body wake up and shake up!

All you need is a small space and a bit of gear. No need to think of what moves to do, or try remember how to do them, or find and then set an interval timer to keep you on track – your instructor will guide you through aaaallll that. And then your shower is RIGHT there when you’re finished. Boom!

5. VARIETY gives you the power to choose

Online gives you access to our whole team of trainers who are passionate about helping you feel good through fitness. Then there is the different types of exercise you get to chose from – cardio, strength, pilates, yoga, boxing and more! 

6. A familiar COMFORT

Doing something you’re familiar with can be incredibly empowering and uplifting. When you know the instructor by name, and they know yours. When you know the structure of a workout and are familiar with the moves. When you’ve met the like-minded women you’re working out alongside (virtually) in real life. There is great comfort in a known entity. It can help us feel emotionally connected, despite the physical distance.

7. Breaks up the monotony

Working out at home, even for just a few minutes, not only helps keep you fit and health, it also gives you that much-needed breakout time from the monotony of snap lockdowns, working from home or social distancing.



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