Three At Home Workouts To Match Your Mood

March 2, 2021

Feel like a kick-butt boxing workout to help release a little self isolation frustration? Or perhaps a relaxing stretch routine to help release some of that working-from-home tension?  Listening to your body (and mind) and matching your workouts to your mood (or needs) can be super beneficial at this time!

Exercise can be whatever YOU need it to be!

Sometimes we need need exercise to be easy, gentle, flowing, releasing, relaxing. Sometimes we need exercise to challenge us, push us, and develop us. And sometimes, we need exercise that will ease aching muscles or help release happy hormones.

Below are three at home workouts designed to match your self-isolation moods.


SELF ISOLATION / LOCKDOWN TIP:  If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your week, but also really want to fit exercise into your week because you know it will do you the world of good – I highly recommend reading this article first! These four tips are literally what I’ve been discussing THE MOST with women over the last couple of weeks. Need to chat some more? Reach out for support beautiful lady – I’m just a phone call away.



1. Stress Buster Workout

This workout is designed to help you de-stress. It can leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed, yet also accomplished.

Take your time. There’s no rush. Take big deep belly breathes and focus on relaxing your body. Let go of the tension in your shoulders (ie. shoulders back and down, not hunched) ensure your weight is spread evenly in your feet (ie. don’t aggressively grip your toes into the mat), keep your knees soft and movements light.

PS. This is based on the BEAUTIFUL workouts!

2. Energy Booster Workout

This workout is designed to BOOST your energy, not drain it. It can leave you feeling motivated, inspired and energised!

This no-equipment ENERGY workout follows the TABATA method – meaning we’ll work in 20second blocks, then rest for 10 seconds. There are four moves we repeat through four times. All up, the ‘workout’ goes for 8mins but you’ll want to include a warm up and cool down so that will take your entire workout closer to 10-15mins!

PS. This is based on the ENERGY workouts!

3. Confidence Builder Workout

This workout involves THREE ROUNDS. Round 1 = Lower body + Back + Core. Round 2 = Lower Body + Upper Body + Core. Round 3 = Lower Body + Upper Body + Core/Cardio.

Focus on form and technique – rather than speed.

You got this!

PS. This is based on the STRONG workouts!





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