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Why Women LOVE Our Classes

December 17, 2020

Wanna know what our ladies love about each of our classes? Read on!


THE FUSION OF MOVES: a gentle yoga flow warm up connects mind to muscle. Then pilates and barre inspired movements strengthen core, glutes and postural muscles.

THE MOOD: compared to our other classes the music and moves create a different mood… best described as BEAUTIFUL – hence the name ?

THE POST WORKOUT FEELS: Our girls most often comment how refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated or re-energized they feel after this class. This doesn’t mean it’s ‘easy’ – the moves can definitely be challenging – but the moves, plus the music, plus the mood really create a unique and BEAUTIFUL post workout feeling!


AWESOME STRESS REALEASE: Hitting the pads can be a healthy way to let go of tension whilst the rush of endorphins can make you feel happier! Our ladies love dealing with daily stresses in this way!

WICKED FULL BODY WORKOUT: Correctly thrown punches use way more than just your arms… legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders and chest are all firing to land those fast and powerful punches. Boxing can also improve much more than just your strength and fitness. Moving many body parts at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body hence balance, coordination, reactivity and agility also get a workout.

FEELING FEARLESS & BADASS: Learning to box can make you feel like a fearless badass! The better your technique, the more force you can put into your punches and when you land a strong, accurate punch right in the sweet spot of the pad, it’s seriously satisfying!


‘THAT FELT SOOOOOOO GOOOOD” Energy is a seriously efficient full body workout designed to boost your energy, not drain it. Moving many different muscles in many different directions leaves your body feeling sooooo gooood!

‘YEEEESSS I DID IT’? Many women fear cardio – possibly because most group cardio workouts are high ‘impact’ and high ‘intensity’. We know cardio doesn’t need to be like that to be beneficial. So we design our energy class in a way that allows you to go at your own pace. Our ladies love this kinda confidence boosting cardio class!!

‘JUST WHAT I NEEDED’? Getting your heart pumping and work up a bit of a sweat can be a healthy way to release a little stress whilst the rush of endorphins can make you feel happier! “That’s just what I needed” is often what we hear our ladies say after an energy class!


THE MOVES: Fierce involves two of our ladies favs – full body strength and mod-high intensity cardio!

THE LONG TERM RESULTS: Our ladies love the FIERCE feels that come from regularly attending this class – confidence, energy and strength!

THE LAUGHS: is known for her FIERCE yet FUN & FRIENDLY approach. Her cheeky sense of humour always gets our girls smiling and laughing whilst they workout


THE MOVES: Our ladies love the mix of activation exercises (helps improve mind-body connection), mobility exercises (helps you move smoother and freer in everyday life) and full body strengthening exercises (includes upper body, lower body and core).


THE LONG TERM RESULTS: Our ladies most often comment how they feel more capable, confident, courageous, energised and strong after attending this class regularly. A feeling that stems from them gaining greater body awareness and body strength. ?

THE MOOD: Compared to our other classes this one uses more challenging strength moves and has a focus on technique – hence the mood feels STRONG and FOCUSED. When life around you feels a little hectic and frazzled, its seriously nice to hang out in a place that feels strong and focused!??




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