Four TIPS to help you embrace the BENEFITS of ONLINE training

What a ride this year has been so far hey?! All the self isolating, social distancing, COVID closures, working from home and constant change has been surreal, strange, overwhelming, frustrating, scary and slow. But whilst restrictions have began to ease in WA, things aren’t exactly ‘going back’ to the way we were before.

The world has changed…

Life has changed…

We have changed…

We have changed by creating a HYBRID health and fitness service. That being, a mix of TIMETABLED group fitness classes and ONLINE workout options! And amidst all the uncertainty of whats to come – NOW is the time to embrace the benefits of ONLINE exercise!


3 BENEFITS of online training

1. Convenience!

Say Yes Online workouts can be done at a time and location of your choosing; At an intensity of your choosing; And for a duration of your choosing!! Can’t fit that STRONG class into your busy working week? Now you can opt for a more convenient STRONG workout in the comfort of your your home!

2. Affordability!

Say Yes Online costs much less than our timetabled classes – Just $99 for 12 months access in fact! Can’t afford to attend 3+ classes a week? Now you can opt for two in person classes and multiple online workouts each week!

3. Variety & choice!

Say Yes Online gives you access to a variety our instructors and workout styles/types. Chose from cardio, strength, pilates, yoga, boxing and more! Can’t get to the timetabled pilates (aka BEAUTIFUL) class? Now you can chose to do one at anytime that suits you!


4 TIPS to help you EMBRACE online training

1. Treat online as a compliment to your in person training efforts!

Many women have told us they prefer in-person classes to online workouts because they are looking for MORE than ‘just’ a workout. It’s waaayyyy more fun, meaningful and motivating when you engage/connect with real people in real world places (and SCIENCE backs this up).

  • Make getting out of the house to move with like minded people your PRIORITY
  • Make ONLINE exercise your COMPLIMENT

So when you can’t get to as many in person classes as you’d like, or the kids get sick, or a forced shutdown occurs, or you go away for work, or all the social functions land in the same week…. ONLINE to the rescue baby!


2. Set yourself a simple pre-workout routine!

The physical act of leaving your house to go and do a workout, is often the ACTION require to help ignite our MOTIVATION (ie. action leads to motivation – not the other way around). Without this important action step, we can struggle to feel motivated to ‘just do it’ on our own, at home. Setting yourself a pre-workout routine to help you mentally and physically prepare (and commit to) doing an at home workout can help! Here are three ideas:
  • Plug some motivating music into your ears whilst you get ready changed and ready to workout at home
  • Do the same simple but invigorating warm up routine before every workout
  • Take 5 big deep belly breathes and have a drink of water

3. Say yes to support!

Working out on your own at home can present a few differences in your training. For example: The surface you workout on could be harder, softer, or more uneven; And, the trainer who usually keeps an eye on your form, isn’t there to subtly correct it.  These minor differences can actually add up over time and cause discomfort, pain or even injury.

For these reasons (and more) providing personalised support has always been important to us, so integrating this into our online services was a given!

Having a real person to talk to and individualised advice available can seriously help keep exercising well and exercising often!


4. Engage online!

Research has proven time and time again that women are social beings who want to connect and engage with other like minded women! Sure, online conversations are not quite the same as real world ones – but they can be just as valuable.

  • Post your intentions / goals 
  • Share your challenges and progress 
  • Encourage others 


3 TIPS for Mummas

1. Embrace the messiness!

It ain’t easy to find the time, energy, or drive to exercise when you have to do it with kids around. Stopping for cuddles, handing out snacks mid workout, giving up your exercise mat is (unfortunately) all part of it… don’t fight it Mumma – embrace the messiness!


2. Check your expectations!

45min uninterrupted workout? What about a 30min workout with a couple of interruptions? Or multiple 10min workouts over the day?


3. Swap those negative thoughts for more positive ones!

“When I move my body I’m setting a good example for my babe” or “All these small bouts of exercise add up over the week”)



Got a question about our TIMETABLED classes or ONLINE training options? Need a little assistance understanding the tech side of things? Want some support getting started, or building a HYBRID workout routine that works for you? Get in touch and let’s chat some more!




Ready to SAY YES to more of what you love in life?  Get started with 5 class passes and a one-on-one consult for just $25. 


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