Put Yourself On Your Own To-Do List with an Acupuncturist

August 30, 2020

According to research from not-for-profit Jean Hailes for Womens Health, two of the biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle or practicing adequate self care is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. We’re leading busier lives than ever before and are prone to feeling guilty. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to put ourselves on our own to-do list

With this in mind, we’ve hooked up with some of our fav local women in business (including Mandy the Acupuncturist) to kick start healthy conversations and offer empowering information! This series of articles is all about:

  • Reminding you to put yourself on your own to do list by setting aside time for your own health and wellbeing 
  • Sparking healthy conversations within our community 
  • Giving you insight into support that is available to you in your local area 

Introducing Mandy!

Mother of three. Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese herbalists with 15+ years experience. Born in Darwin, grew up in Kununurra, studied in Perth and China, practiced in remote Australian communities and now resides in Maylands WA.

Tell us a little bit about your role and experience as an Acupuncturist.

As an AHPRA registered acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist, I’m lucky to be able to work in a general practice sense, meaning that I can support people’s health and conditions in a holistic way. We don’t just see you for the thing, we treat your whole body for the thing. It’s a great system of understanding the way the body works and being able to support people on a number of levels.

What’s the most common reason women come and see you?

Women come for all sorts of issues; pain, stress, mental emotional support and most certainly the realm of gyneacology is huge in Chinese Medicine in the west now. Women are looking for holistic alternatives to mainstream approaches and we’re pretty good at working in those spaces. Whether it be menstrual cycle issues, fertility and pregnancy or in menopause.

What (or when) do you wish more women would come and see you for?

I would love women to stop ‘accepting’ their painful/difficult/irregular periods for ‘normal’ as if there’s nothing that can be done to improve them.

Being able to improve the health of the menstrual cycle can dramatically change your health and life! A woman’s health pivots around the cycle and for any woman who’s been told by the women in her family “oh, you’ve got that just like your mum or your aunty or your grandmother, it’s just the way we are dear, there’s nothing you can do about that” to which I reply – watch me. There is so much that can be done to improve the health of the period that has a massive knock on effect to the rest of their health.

What’s some of the most common questions women ask you?

    • Can you help with my hormonal migraines?
    • Can you help with my PMS?
    • Can you help with my peri/menopause transition?
    • I’m stressed and can’t sleep, can you help?
    • Can you help with anxiety or depression or anger?

What are your ‘top tips’ or typical response for these common questions you get?

My response is personal to each individual. Unfortunately, there is no ‘secret answer’ or ‘cookie cutter action plan’ or ‘top-tips-that’ll-work-for-everyone’. I always start by seeking a good understanding of an individual’s history first. So I’ll ask women about their period, or their migraines, or their sleep patterns – then we go from there. This individual information I gather then tells me what we might be able to change or improve/resolve.

What do you wish all women knew about health or their body?

Stop accepting things that are common, as normal! It doesn’t have to be like this! I wish I could shout from the rooftops that Chinese Medicine is just so awesome for supporting Gyney health! Because we are, we’re extremely regulating, we can help to restore good systemic function whether things are acute or chronic.

Are there any ‘common misconceptions’ about acupuncturists you’d like to debunk or promote?

Most common misconceptions are around the worry of pain in receiving acupuncture itself. No practitioner is going to – nor is allowed to – do anything you don’t want them to do. If you’re not comfortable with something, we’re not about to force you to submit to something.

Acupuncture is ridiculously relaxing and stress relieving. It’s not about laying on a bed of nails, it’s so far from it. Often less is more. I’m quite light handed and choose to tiptoe around the body to observe how it responds, not cover you in needles like something out of Kungfu Panda.

This is YOUR treatment, I’m here to support you, not make you anxious just to come and receive your treatment!

Where can women to get more, good quality, information about things you’ve discussed above?

Dr Google is such a tricky space. If you look hard enough, you’ll find enough answers either way for anything you research. So good quality resources are important. Our National professional peak association body the AACMA have a fantastic site for both patients and practitioners ( www.acupuncture.org.au )

Reach out to Mandy!

Amanda Gratzer
302 Guildford Road Maylands (inside Maylands Chiro Clinic)
0408 180 314

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