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Put Yourself On Your Own To-Do List with a Personal Trainer

August 29, 2020

According to research from not-for-profit Jean Hailes for Womens Health, two of the biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle or practicing adequate self care is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. We’re leading busier lives than ever before and are prone to feeling guilty. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to put ourselves on our own to-do list

With this in mind, we’ve hooked up with some of our fav local women in business (including Say Yes Personal Trainer Sanja) to kick start healthy conversations and offer empowering information! This series of articles is all about:

  • Reminding you to put yourself on your own to do list by setting aside time for your own health and wellbeing 
  • Sparking healthy conversations within our community 
  • Giving you insight into support that is available to you in your local area

Introducing Sanja!

Mother of one, rescue dog owner, Neuroscientist, slight coffee snob and hater of burpees Sanja is our hiit loving fire cracker!


Tell us a little bit about your role and experience as a Personal Trainer.

I qualified as a PT last year when I was pregnant with my little boy. I’ve always been active, enjoyed sports, dancing and being outdoors and I’ve wanted to be a PT for years but thought that because I was more of a nerd than a “gym freak” I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ or be any good. Funny what self limiting beliefs hold you back hey?! 

My first job as a PT was in a female only gym, which is what fuelled my interest in women’s health and fitness. Especially the physical and mental health connection. Being a mum I have become very much aware of how selfless, giving and caring Mummas are and I really want women to understand how important it is to find that “me” time. Time to reconnect with yourself and to take care of yourself. 


What’s the most common reason women come and see you? 

Women usually come to see me because they want to lose weight or tone up, and it is usually for a particular goal/event such as their wedding.


What do you wish more women would come and see you for? 

I wish women didn’t worry so how much about our weight/ body fat or how they body looked. I wish they would come and see me because they wanted to be stronger, how to feel more powerful and energized. 


What’s one of the most common questions women ask you? 

Women usually ask me how to lose fat or weight quickly and if doing weights will make them look even “bigger”


Can you give us the “top tips” you’d give women when they ask you these common questions?

The healthiest bodies start with a well balanced lifestyle. I do not believe in super restrictive diets, or calorie counting unless you are training for a particular sport or competition and you get professional (and ongoing) guidance and support. Enjoy your food, the way it is meant to be enjoyed and educate yourself on what is considered healthy and what your portion sizes should look like for each food group. 

Doing weights will not make you look bigger. There are so many benefits of doing weights for your health, it will help you feel stronger and leaner, prevent certain bone conditions, reduced the risk for cardiovascular disease. 


What do you wish all women knew?

Today’s society puts so much pressure on women in pretty much every aspect of our life. What our bodies and faces should look like, how we should manage our careers, how we should raise our children, what we should wear… and the list goes on. I want women (including myself) to know that you don’t need to compare yourself to others (or be like others) to be your fabulous self. I wish more women knew the benefit (and power) in loving and embracing their body the way it is.

The fitness industries ‘fitspo-body’ is almost impossible to achieve because we are all so genetically different. I mean, how boring would it be if we were all the same. I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to be healthier or happier – I am saying becoming the healthiest and happiest version of YOU is very individual and can only be achieved when we ditch the ‘comparisonitis’ and embrace a balanced lifestyle.


Are there any ‘common misconceptions’ about PT’s you’d like to debunk?

We aren’t all drill Sargents, or fitness fanatics that love to eat burpees for breakfast, or think the only way to get you results is to push you within an inch of your existence. And, we aren’t magicians – so you wont achieve (or see) results within a few short weeks. 

I’d love people to see us a caring support person, a knowledgable guide and motivating cheerleader. Yes, we love challenging you to push yourself a little harder than what you would do on your own… but we also know how to safely and progressively do this!


Where can we refer women to get more, good quality, information about any of the things you’ve discussed above?


Reach out to Sanja

Sanja Doslo

SAY YES to PT with our $99 BOOSTER pack: This includes an initial assessment and consult (to discuss your indiviudal wants, needs and goals) + 4 week program write up (that incorporates SAY YES classes and an at home exercise program) + one-on-one consult (to take you through the program and action plan how you will implement it with our ongoing support).



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