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Put Yourself On Your Own To-Do List with a PT / Nutrition Coach

August 28, 2020

According to research from not-for-profit Jean Hailes for Womens Health, two of the biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle or practicing adequate self care is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. We’re leading busier lives than ever before and are prone to feeling guilty. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to put ourselves on our own to-do list

With this in mind, we’ve hooked up with some of our fav local women in business (including Mandy the Acupuncturist) to kick start healthy conversations and offer empowering information! This series of articles is all about:

  • Reminding you to put yourself on your own to do list by setting aside time for your own health and wellbeing 
  • Sparking healthy conversations within our community 
  • Giving you insight into support that is available to you in your local area

Introducing Amanda!

Personal Trainer, Barista, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Criminologist and pancake enthusiast. Amanda is passionate about helping women achieve their health and fitness goals and strongly believes empowering women to create consistent and sustainable health habits is key. 

Tell us a little bit about your role and experience as a PT & Nutrition Coach.

I’ve been Personal and Group Training for 3 years.  I have a Cert III and IV in Fitness, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification and Body Beyond Baby Accreditation. I’d consider myself a bit of a ‘PT nerd’ so very much enjoy diving a little deeper into things like exercise selection, regressions, progressions, mobility, activation and programming with my clients. I love that no two clients are the same and that I really get to tailor things to peoples wants, needs and goals. I also love working with women! There is a lot of pressure put on women (from society but also from themselves) and I love helping them to enjoy training, and feel more confident and happy within themselves. 

What are the most common reasons women come and see you? 

  • Exercise and nutrition advice (ie. with a weight loss goal front of mind).
  • Correcting muscle imbalances or postural issues etc (ie. because they are experiencing ongoing pain when exercising)

What (or when) do you wish more women would come and see you?  

  • When movement doesn’t feel quite right or causes discomfort. Too often women will put up with or ignore pain/discomfort. So instead of seeking support for that ‘little niggle’, it becomes something so painful it interferes with their everyday movement or exercise routine. By which stage, there can be quite a bit of damage (or compensation) to deal with.
  • If they aren’t seeing any progress with their current eating/exercise habits. Often women will keep ‘doing what they’ve always done’  because it’s the easier option. Women who are busy busy busy often just keep on keeping on! It’s not until they reach a point of total frustration and ‘enough is enough’  that they seek support. By which stage, there’s quite a bit of anxiety, or self doubt, or overwhelm to work through.

What’s one of the most common question’s women ask you? 

What is the best way to exercise and eat to lose weight?

Can you give us your ‘top tips’ you’d give to women when they ask this question?

  • Nutrition has a large role to play 
  • ‘Fad/strict/restrictive diets’ are not the answer
  • A commonly overlooked problem is nutrition deficiency. The easiest way to wipe it out is by: Eating more protein rich foods; drinking my hydrating fluids; eating more foods rich in the vitamins and minerals you need
  • Resistance based training will help! You do not have to hours and hours of cardio!
  • Your body will start to adapt to everything that you do so you need to provide variety to ensure your body is still working towards your goal and doesn’t become complacent (ie. you plateau).
  • Consistency is queen!

What do you wish all women knew? 

  • With exercise, less is sometimes more. Make time for recovery and find things you enjoy doing and that fit into your lifestyle. 
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  • Muscle does not weight more than fat. 1kg of muscle is smaller and more dense and takes up less space than 1kg of fat.
  • Your body needs recovery time to build muscles and repair from a workout. Going to the gym 5-7 days a week can have the opposite effect than what you may want as the body isn’t given any time to heal. Replace a day or two with gentle walking or stretching
  • Restrictive diets can also have an opposite effect than what you may want. Reducing calories too much or avoiding entire food groups (unless you have allergies) can be causing the body to either panic as it doesn’t know if it is going to get enough fuel, or you may be missing some key nutrients by leaving out a whole food group. There are no ‘bad’ foods. It really is about moderation and balance. 

What ‘under estimated’ benefit about PTs would you like to promote?

The main thing people underestimate when training without a PT is their form. Doing exercise incorrectly can lead to niggles/pains, under active muscles, overactive muscles, and injuries. It can also be really hard to tell if you are doing something correctly if you (a) don’t know what it should look or feel like, or (b) don’t have a mirror / cant see yourself from all angles. Thats where a PT can be a total game changer for your enjoyment (ie. less pain, more gain!), confidence (ie. feeling more capable when you lift/move well!) and results.

Where can we refer women to get more, good quality, information about any of the things you’ve discussed above?

Reach out to Amanda

Amanda Peacock @apfitness_perth

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