Struggling With New Year Health Goals? You're Not Alone!

Most New Year Resolutions Fail By February. Here’s Three Tips To Keeping Yours!

We’ve had Christmas, then New Years, then the Australia Day long weekend… We’ve been attending parties, traveling hundreds of kms to visit family, hosting BBQs with friends and saying yes to summer with lots of fun summery adventures…. It’s been a month (or two) of eating differently, drinking more, logistical challenges, and interruptions to the usual weekly routine.

It’s bloody sensational.

But it’s also a lot!

If you’re struggling with your New Year Resolutions (or health goals)…. you’re not alone! According to U.S. News & World Report, the failure rate for New Year resolutions is said to be about 80 percent, and most lose their resolve by late-January to mid-February. Here’s three tips to help you continue moving forward with your health goals and resolutions.

1. Take the pressure off January!

Building new habits can be hard; building a bunch of new habits all at once certainly isn’t any easier. Combine that with how difficult December and January can be for making any change, and it’s no wonder that most New Year resolutions/goals fail. Don’t be too hard on yourself if those grand-healthy-living-plans you had haven’t gone the way you wanted or hoped this past month. For most of us, getting back to normal in January is ambitious enough – dramatic changes just aren’t realistic!

2. Have strategies to help you deal with dips in motivation!

This summery, happy, social time of year can be quite motivating. The sun is shining, the beach is calling – we want to get out there and enjoy life! But, motivation is fickle and fluctuates so we really don’t want habits (things that are reliable and repeatable) to rely on motivation! Often motivation is what helps get us started early on in the year…. but it soon starts to wane. Do you have strategies in place to help you through those dips in motivation? Have you set up your new health habits in a way so they won’t rely on motivation? Not sure how to do this? Reach out for support!

3. Reach out for support – you don’t have to do it alone!

If you’re feeling frustrated, unsettled, stuck, or overwhelmed about your health and fitness…. seek support beautiful lady!! Sharing, reflecting, and problem solving concerns and challenges may be exactly what you need. Here’s FOUR ways you can reach out for support from SAY YES FITNESS.

  • Contact me via email or phone call: If you’re not sure where to start – start by reaching out. Let’s have a conversation and figure out what SAY YES service or program best suits you and your needs.
  • Sign up to our KICKSTARTER program: If you’re super keen but feeling nervous about starting your exercise journey with us – the KICKSTARTER is for you. I’ll help ease you into regular exercise, teach you how to safely move, show you how to modify moves to better suit your needs, share game changer health habits I swear by, provide simple recipes and at home workouts and more.
  • Purchase our INTRO OFFER: If you’re keen but feeling unsure about exercising with us – the INTRO OFFER is for you! You get 2 weeks unlimited access to come trial our classes and meet our community.
  • Purchase a four pack of HEALTH CONSULTS: If you’re a member of the YES community and are wanting to make some healthy habit changes this year – CONSULTS are for you. Let’s lock in regular times to discuss your health/fitness goals, set action plans to achieve these goals, problem solve barriers/challenges and help keep you motivated.


Start with a one-on-one consult and two weeks unlimited access to our timetable of classes for just $25. Find out more here.


Most New Year Resolutions Fail By February. Here's Three Tips To Keeping Yours!


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