6 things to SAY YES to in 2020!

In this fast-paced-information-overload-high-expectations kinda world, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to keep up. Our limited time and attention means we are often quick to say no….  “No time or energy for that this week. Maybe next week when things have settled down a little.”

2020 is the year we are SAYING YES and we’re taking you along for the ride! Here’s six things we want to help you SAY YES to in 2020!

1. Say yes to YOU.

If you’re tired of feeling exhausted, burned out and stressed, it’s time to say yes to looking after your physical and mental health (ie. self care) more in 2020! It’s actually pretty bloody normal to feel like you “don’t have time” to incorporate self-care into your life. Most of us feel this way because others, and other commitments always take priority. But, it’s time to shift our mindset ladies! We need to understand that the most important thing in our lives is ourselves. Other priorities like careers, loved ones, life goals are all important… but they are not going to be thriving unless we are physically and mentally in a good space ourselves.

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness is aiming to offer a range of self care opportunities – from a balanced timetable of classes, to more personal one-on-one consults, to education workshops, to self care events and more. We’re excited to help you SAY YES TO YOU more in 2020!

2. Say yes to ADVENTURE.

If you’re bored of ground hog days (and weeks) rolling by its time to say yes to adventure with friends and family more often. Having adventures locked in your diary gives you something to look forward to, especially if you know work is really busy for the next few months. It’s like a little golden light at the end of the photocopier-lined tunnel.

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness is aiming to offer a range of active social events (some of which will be family friendly) – from boho brunches on the beach to weekend retreats to bushwalks, to trail runs snd more! We’re excited to help you SAY YES TO ADVENTURE more in 2020!


Listening to our body and making adjustments is really really important! There’s a difference between ‘I just don’t feel like working out because I just don’t feel like it‘ versus ‘Right now, I know I need ‘this’ style of workout over ‘that’ style of workout‘. Some days you’ll have it and some days you won’t. Just remember, it’s not  about perfection, it’s about effort. Whatever effort you bring, honour it. We’ll always have your back!

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness will continue offering their unique ACCESS ALL AREAS packages. These packs get you access to all Say Yes Fitness classes and Heart in Yoga classes and are specifically designed for the woman who wants a healthy balance of exercise types and intensities (ie. Cardio one day, yoga the next, then strength to top off the week. Hells yeah!); Requires the flexibility to choose different workout types and frequencies week to week (ie. you could attend just 1 class this week, then 4 next week); Or prefers to listen to your body and choose workouts that match how she feels (body, mind and soul) on the day (ie. don’t feel like ‘Unstoppable cardio hiit’ on Tuesday? Now you can opt for Yoga instead!)

4. Say yes to REST.

So many of us think taking a rest means stopping everything, or doing nothing, or quitting for now and starting again ‘later’. In actual fact, resting might mean backing off on your workout intensity (ie. choosing lighter weights of option for lower impact cardio options), or, swapping a high intensity workout for something less intense (like a long walk at the park, a swim at the pool, or a restorative Yoga session). If we’re tuning into our bodies like we should be, saying yes to rest can feel more productive, rather than counter-productive.

When it comes to exercise though, it’s important to understand that the more INACTIVE you are, the harder it is for your body to feel healthy and for YOU to feel happy. This is why you might start to feel a little bit ‘blah’ after a few days of doing nothing (or less than usual). Having said this, you won’t see me busting out my usual weekly exercise routine ALL YEAR ROUND. Giving ourselves some rest, relaxation and down time is necessary and taking a break from our regular routine is soooooo important. But, our body wants to move, needs to move, loves to move! And thats why, even when I’m on holidays, I aim to do something active every day.

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness will continue empowering our community to create daily exercise habits that last a lifetime (not just for summer). As part of this, we’ll continue building our library of quick at home workouts (be sure to check out our video library if you haven’t already done so) for our community to access and take advantage of.

5. Say yes to SUPPORT.

Western Societal values have, in modern times at least, focused strongly on independence. We’re taught to be strong and to take care of ourselves. But, we can’t know everything and we can’t do everything…. we all need help sometimes!

If you’re feeling unsettled, stuck, anxious or overwhelmed about your health, fitness or just life in general…. seek support beautiful lady!! Sharing, reflecting, and problem solving concerns and challenges may be exactly what you need.

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness will continue offering a variety of extra support to our community. Our KICKSTARTER program is for the woman who needs more support starting their health and fitness journey. Our one-on-one consults are for the woman feeling stuck or concerned about their current health and fitness habits. Our personal training sessions are for the woman wanting extra attention with her movement patterns or exercise program. And, our beautiful friend and Life Coach Darielle from The Wanderlust Age can definitely help the woman feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed about life in general.  We’re excited to help you SAY YES TO SUPPORT more in 2020!


Trying something new, or learning a new skill can elicit some awesome benefits! It can help you learn things faster over time, connect you with others, fight boredom, help you adapt better to change and be a bucket load of fun! Learning a new skill also demands a certain level of commitment – and this ongoing need to learn or refine your skills can provide great incentive (and motivation) to keep trying, keep learning, or keep improving!

In 2020 Say Yes Fitness will continue providing opportunities for our community to try, or learn, many fun and exciting new things! From boxing, to foam rolling, to painting, to macrame, and more! We’re excited to help you SAY YES TO TRYING SOMETHING NEW in 2020!



Start with a one-on-one consult and two weeks unlimited access to our timetable of classes for just $25. Find out more here.


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6 Things To Say Yes To In 2020


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