Thinking About Making New Year Resolutions? Read This First!

Whether or not you believe in resolutions, this time of the year often inspires us to get a little reflective…. and whilst a little reflection can be a great thing (ie.  to celebrate our achievements, to acknowledge lessons we’ve learnt, to feel grateful for all the good stuff, to give thanks to our biggest cheerleaders, to look ahead and action plan how we can build on our dreams….), it can also  bring a heap of unnecessary pressure and feelings of anxiety.

Take this phrase for example:

“New Year, New You”

A slogan I’ve come to dislike because it’s been used (and abused) as a money-making-marketing-ploy within the health and fitness industry! It’s turned New Year Resolutions into a con… shaming you into believing there’s something wrong with the ‘old you’…. like you’re not fit enough, thin enough, strong enough, relaxed enough…. whatever enough.

You are enough!

Say it with me now….

“I am enough!”

It’s no wonder the majority of New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside by February. Shame does not motivate…. it paralyses. When we set radical goals, and attach our worth to those goals, we’re effectively telling ourselves that we will only be enough when we meet these goals.

‘New Year New You’ also fails to acknowledge that progress is INCREMENTAL over a LIFETIME. Those BIG goals or resolutions people aim for take much longer than a year. We aren’t ‘reborn’ on January 1st. We don’t wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch. And we don’t suddenly have everything worked out, or never make a mistake again.

Life ain’t like that!

Life is not as simple as “success” or “failure”. It’s often one step forward, two steps back, a few steps sideway, a bit of a fumble or fall, a good dusting off and a give-it-another-go.

If the thought of New Years Resolutions has your head in a spin, or the phrase ‘New Year New You’ makes you cringe, hows about simplifying things a little… start with a SAY YES TO SUMMER list instead.

Want to simplify? Start with Saying Yes To Summer!

Write a list of all the things you’d like to SAY YES to this Summer. The places you’d like to visit, people you’d like to catch up with, recipe book you want to cook from, hobby you’d like to get into, book you’d like to read, activity you’d like to do with your kids or community group you want to support….

This list is designed to be aspirational, not prescriptive.

This list should inspire you, not punish you.

This list is NOT about overcommitting, or exhausting yourself.

This list could include an item (or two) that challenge or develop you.

And, if you get to February 29th 2020 and you haven’t ticked everything off this list, you will NOT berate yourself!

The Say Yes To Summer list is about making time to enjoy the simple Summery things we love. It’s about saying no to sitting on the sidelines, and saying yes to making the most of the Summer months. Most importantly, it’s about taking care of ourselves (our health, happiness and relationships) so we can continue SAYING YES to all the good stuff life has to offer…. All. Year. Round!

Want to do a little goal setting for the New Year? 

Goals (or resolutions) can be tricky to achieve because they often involve the building of new habits (or breaking of old habits) and contrary to popular belief, habits can take MUCH longer than 21 days to cement…. up to 254 days in fact (science says so)! Stay tuned for next weeks article with a few tips on how to make your new year resolutions a success.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the New Year?

If you’re feeling unsettled, stuck, anxious or overwhelmed about the new year (and new decade!)…. seek support beautiful lady!! Sharing, reflecting, and problem solving concerns and challenges may be where YOU need to start! Peg a consult with myself (if your health and fitness is of concern), or, Life Coach Darielle from The Wanderlust Age (if it’s life that has you feeling stuck, unsettled or overwhelmed). 


Start with a one-on-one consult and two weeks unlimited access to our timetable of classes for just $25. Find out more here.

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