Say Yes To Summer!!

There’s so many things about summer I think are sen-bloody-sational! Sun-filled days and balmy evenings. Sand between our toes and kids playing till late at the park. BBQ dinners and champagne by sunset!

But, how many times have you gotten so bogged down with the “busyness” of Christmas, the hectic-ness of school holidays, the stress of new year resolutions, the overwhelm of bather shopping or the good ol’ daily grind, that you’ve either forgotten, or lost motivation, to do aaallllll those simple fun summer activities you really wanted to do!

Like go to the beach? Or watch the sunset? Or catch a flick at that seriously funky rooftop cinema with the girls? Yee gods I’ve been wanting to do that for yeeaarrss!

Say Yes To Summer!

This year, we (and when I say ‘we’ I mean Renee from @bufbayswater, Avril from @heartinyoga, Brooke from @empoweredbybrooke and Darielle from @the_wanderlust_age) are making a promise to SAY YES TO SUMMER, and we’re inviting YOU along for the ride!

We’re saying yes to things like sunset picnics or backyard BBQs; trail runs or coastal walks; stand up paddle boarding or learning to surf; running through sprinklers or hosting pool parties; trying new flavours of ice cream or Friday night fish and chips!

Sounds super fun right?! But you know what… active, adventurous and fun things  demand energy, strength and stamina….. and amidst a busy festive season, we often lack these things…. so instead of saying yes, we might hear ourselves saying “maybe next week” instead.

Saying Yes to Summer isn’t about overcommitting or exhausting ourselves. It’s about making time to enjoy the simple Summery things we love. It’s about saying no to sitting on the sidelines, and saying yes to making the most of the Summer months. Most importantly, it’s about taking care of ourselves (our health, happiness and relationships) so we can continue SAYING YES to all the good stuff life has to offer…. All. Year. Round!

So….. who’s ready to #sayyestosummer?!

Register here to Say Yes To Summer!

NB: Girls attending BUF Bayswater classes are automatically registered!

By registering you’ll receive our SAY YES TO SUMMER GUIDE! This guide includes Summery activity inspo, simple recipes and healthy festive season tips. Once registered, you’ll also be able to enter our #sayyestosummer prize draw (prizes include a $200 Empowerment Photoshoot, $100 Yoga Gift Pack, $100 voucher to Favourite Daughter, Life Coaching Sessions and more!!).

Welllllll, what are you waiting for? Register now and start saying YES to Summer!

What about New Year Resolutions??

Perhaps you’ve got a couple of ‘big goals’ or resolutions in mind for next year…. goals that reach beyond the summer months. If you’re thinking about making New Year resolutions, read this first!


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Say Yes To Summer


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