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My #Supportlocal Christmas Wish List!

Christmas shopping has begun….. haha…. just kidding…. I never get started on my Christmas shopping till prrreeeetty late in the game. Shout out to those women who get crack-a-lack’n on the gift buying early in the year – I take my Santa hat off to thee.

This article ain’t about buying gifts for others though…. it’s about buying for yourself (if thats what happens in your household), or, subtly giving hints to the one(s) that buy for you.

We’ve got some pretty great shopping options in our local community – but it’s not always easy to get out there for a look around right?…. so I thought I’d save you some time, and show you a few gifts that are on my wish list, and are all conveniently located right on our doorstep (I took a few sneaky photos of the exact things I would love to unwrap on Christmas Day to give the BUF bloke in my life a helping hand with his shopping list hehehe)

If you know of a local shop with great gift options for the fitness loving, environmentally conscious, community supporting woman please tag me on instagram or facebook so I can check them out!

WISH 1: Gifts that promote fitness and recovery from Favourite Daughter in Inglewood

What BUF Girl doesn’t want more activewear for Christmas?! I’m personally on the hunt for a pair of Bike shorts.  I love the freedom-to-move’ and versatility a good pair of tights provides me but I find wearing tights a little toasty in Summer. And incase you didn’t know, Favourite Daughter have plenty of other goodies in store too! Two such goodies that are on my wish list are The Goodnight Co Magnesium Oral Spray  (to help promote recovery and a good nights sleep)  annnnddd the Riad Jade Yin Yoga Mat (to pretty up my morning stretches and at home workouts).


WISH 2: Gifts that provide a little luxe self care from Daisy and Rowe in Maylands

So many self care inspired gifts at Daisy and Rowe  – scented candles, refreshing face mist spray, body lotions, tea pots, inspiring books, pretty gardening tools…. and a bucket load more! And for the people like me who love creating healthy colourful pick plates (or grazing tables) they have a gorgeous selection of wooden platters that will make putting together shared meals that little bit more special.


WISH 3: Gifts to help create a serene home space from Green Room Decor in Maylands

Even though I’m not 100% sure plants would survive in my house but I’d love to give it a red hot crack. Theres a forest full of options at Green Room Decor – small decorative pieces, large statement pieces, and everything in between. I’d personally love to convert our little outdoor area to a bit more of a green haven. I can picture me, and my cuppa tea, sitting amongst some hanging greenery in the fresh morning air…. Any green thumbs out there wanna send me their plant keeping tips?!


WISH 4: Gifts that support local creators from 8th Ave Collective in Maylands

Relatively new to the neighbourhood is this little gem filled with Western Australian Artisans and eco-friendly products. 8th Ave Collective is an independent venture showcasing local artists, designers, makers and creators. Help yourself feel special with  some unique accessories; help your home and garden feel special with handcrafted decorative pieces; or help your Sunday breakfast feel special with some locally made conserves and honeys.


WISH 5: Gifts for me and the environment from Eco Revolution in Morley

Eco-friendly gifts are good for the planet and good for our soul I reckon! Things like re-useable coffee pods, drink bottles and food wraps can help promote sustainability and self care habits. Simple – effective – long lasting!


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