Womens Health Week Wrap Up

The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’.

Women’s Health Week is the time to do something for your health and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

We’re leading busier lives than ever before and are prone to feeling guilty so sometimes we need to be reminded to put ourselves on our own to-do lists! Women’s Health Week is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time for our own health and wellbeing.

This year at BUF Bayswater we planned a week of healthy conversations, empowering information and fun fitness with friends! So whether you attended our brunch, joined us for a workout over the week, or listened to one of our four interviews (links below) we hope we were able to help you think about, and do something positive for, your health this week!

Here are my fav take aways from the four interviews we hosted (Turn sound on to hear the interviews!).

1. FRESH AIR, FITNESS & FRIENDS with Melina from Perth Trail Series

TRAIL RUNNING is more than just a great physical challenge! It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get out in nature and have fun with friends… all of which have been linked to good health and happiness! Who’s joining me at the Lake Lash Dash in November?

2. ALL THINGS PELVIC FLOOR with Womens Health Physio Libby

The health of our PELVIC FLOOR can impact our physical, social, emotional AND mental health. And I’m not just talking to new Mums here! Even if you had your child >35 years ago (like my mother), pelvic floor issues can still be holding your health back.


3. THE PERIOD TALK with Natalie McGrath Naturopath

Most women don’t actually know what a normal PERIOD is. We all kinda think our period is normal, because thats all we’ve known. Whats a normal period? Listen to the interview!

4. YOGA FOR BODY & MIND with Heart in Yoga

Theres so much more to YOGA than ‘flexibility’. Regular yoga can not only help build a strong supple body, but also a calm and present mind. The collaboration we have with Heart In Yoga is so special and unique – it really can provide the restorative ‘Ying’ to our high Intensity ‘Yang’!

Now that Womens Health Week is finished we’re kicking off our TAKE 5 FOR BODY AND MIND. Thats 5 weeks focused on kicking a few ‘winter habits’ and putting a bit of a spring back into our step. It’s free for girls who come regularly to BUF and starts MONDAY September 9th. We’ll be providing weekly content (nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness and more), follow along at home workouts, and one AWESOME prize! Jump on our private facebook group for more info!

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