3 Tips To Help You Kick Those Nerves & Start That Fitness Program!

Have you been thinking about starting a fitness program? But feel nervous about doing so? Does the enormity of options out there overwhelm you? Does the thought of doing a gruelling transformation challenge intimidate you?

Perhaps you’re thinking:

  • “What type of exercise is best?”
  • “How many times a week do I need to be working out?”
  • “How long do I need to workout for?”
  • “Should I do more weights than cardio, or more cardio than weights?”
  • “How hard should I be exercising if I want to lose weight?”
  • “Do I need to start calorie counting and meal prepping to see results?”

These are common (and valid) questions. But if the answers you believe to be true, make you feel nervous and intimidated, this is quite possibly what’s holding you back from starting.

So you put off starting because it seems so bloody tough.

Or, if you do start, it’ll often be when you consider the timing to be as close to perfect as possible because you know it’s going to be tough (ie. A time when you have minimal distractions and a manageable workload). But how difficult is this perfect timing to find right? I mean, theres ALWAYS something…. then something else… then something else.

If you’re keen to kick those nerves so you can start that fitness program, check out my three tips below!

Tip #1: Keep things SIMPLE!

Health and fitness should fit into our life seamlessly…. and that means, keeping things simple! All too often I see women attempt to go from zero, to 100 in the first few weeks. Exercising 5+ times a week, following a strict menu plan and counting calories isn’t a fun, realistic, or sustainable place to start (or end up for that matter).

What if, instead of being overwhelmed with all the health and fitness advice out there, we just kept things really simple to begin:

  • The best type of exercise? The one you’ll enjoy!
  • The number of workouts you should do a week? A couple times is fab!
  • How long do I need to exercise for?  A bit more than what you’re currently doing would be awesome.
  • Should I do more weights than cardio? Why not give a bit of both a go and see what you think.

Remember, this is just the beginning. You can dive a little deeper into your goals and the health and fitness world later. For now, focus on getting yourself into your workout gear and out the door. Getting to a class. Going for a walk. Even if the action you first take is incredibly small, it can be an incredibly powerful motivator for you!  

Tip #2: Aim to be MORE, not less!

I believe developing a positive relationship with fitness is VITAL to our long term health and happiness! I believe this starts with us aiming to be MORE…. not LESS.

Truth be told, many women start with a focus on wanting to weigh LESS…. which gets exhausting and frustrating pretty quick because the motivation to achieve these kinds of ‘body focused or outcome based’ goals only lasts so long.

Chasing big dreams, going on active holidays, playing sport on the weekend, keeping up with your kids, actively giving back to your community…. all of this demands a certain level of energy, strength and endurance. All of this requires you to be MORE, not LESS.

Take your focus off weighing LESS…. and put your focus on having MORE!

  • MORE strength
  • MORE fitness
  • MORE energy
  • MORE confidence
  • MORE fun and adventure in your life!

Tip #3: Recognise the BARRIERS that have been holding you back!

I feel women often neglect to recognise the BARRIERS that have been holding them back. Sorry to say, but you won’t just miraculously ‘get over’ these…. they often require you to adapt your mindset and your habits. And this means making changes…. which can be tough.

Be honest with yourself and own the ‘reasons’ that have been holding you back from taking action.  Do a bit of problem solving beforehand so you can start on the front foot, not the back one.

If you don’t give these barriers the attention they deserve, you’ll likely end up fighting against them… They’ve probably been holding you back from starting for a while. They’re likely to be an ongoing hurdle that demands extra energy… at least in the beginning whilst you’re overcoming them. They’re definitely not going to miraculously disappear on their own.

If you find it hard to MOTIVATE yourself…..

Focus on finding a group fitness class or rope in a friend to workout with. We’re social creatures and we love to share experiences and stories, so showing up for each other is so much easier than showing up for a pair of dumbbells!

Another motivation tip – try adding more incidental movement into your everyday (ie. walk more). Something as simple as this often leads to your body loosening up, feeling better, and wanting more movement. It’s like you’re giving yourself a little movement momentum!

If you have pre-existing INJURIES, PAIN or MEDICAL conditions…. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, seek advice from your care providers first.

If you have ongoing pain or injuries limiting your movement, find a physiotherapist / exercise physiologist team who can take you through a thorough movement assessment, give you some technique coaching and/or corrective exercises. I highly recommend checking out Fieldwork Health in Inglewood.

If you have pelvic floor or incontinence concerns find a Womens Health Physiotherapist who can assess your pelvic floor muscle strength and give you a tailored exercise program to get these important muscles functioning at their best. I highly recommend getting in touch with Libby Borman at Life Ready Physio in Yokine. (NOTE: New Mummas, check out this article about easing back into exercise after having a baby)

Spending time building your movement confidence, knowledge and functional strength is an AWESOME place to start.

If you’ve always viewed exercise as a CHORE and NOT FUN….

Focus on finding a style of movement you enjoy. Do you like music? Try workouts that incorporate music! Do you like being outdoors? Try an outdoor group fitness class! Not sure what you like, find a place that offers a good variety and has a great intro offer that allows you to give a few different things a try!

If you struggle to find TIME to exercise…..

Focus on finding something that’s conveniently located (ie. near home or work), or doesn’t demand a lot of time to do (ie. quick at home workouts or group workouts that are <45mins in length). This is actually one of the MOST common barriers to starting (and maintaining) a fitness program we see. Which is why providing online training options is important to us.

BONUS Tip #4: Join a COMMUNITY that has been designed with all these tips in mind!

Yup, I’m totally finishing with a shameless plug. Our TIMETABLE and ONLINE COMMUNITY have been lovingly designed with these tips in mind. There’s no weigh in’s, meal plans or calorie counting, but there is is fun workouts, new friendships and empowering content all focused on helping you to fall in LOVE with health and fitness from the very start.



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