Add Variety To Your Strength Training

Three Boredom Busting Strength Workouts

Something I hear often from our women is how prior to BUF, exercise always felt like such a chore. I take that to mean exercise was boring…. and boredom can stem from repetition of the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again.

Wanna know a great way to combat workout boredom?


I’ve always loved to incorporate VARIETY into my training. Mixing sport, with group fitness and getting active outdoors actually makes moving your body fun! The few times when I’ve ever attempted an ‘online-workout-eBook-or-app-thingy’ I’ve typically found the workouts to be super repetitive and hence, boring! Great workouts to pull on if I ever needed something quick and simple (cause I knew all the moves – cause they never changed!)…. but, not something I could ever ‘stick at’ for longer than a week. My mind and body craved much more variety (and social connection) than that.

We apply this same principle to BUF. We program plenty of variety (whilst maintaining a good balance) of movement types and intensities in our classes and programs.  And I know our girls really love this. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Today our muscle maker PT Amanda is going to share three ways SHE loves to add variety to her OWN strength training and to BUF’s Friday Strong & Empowered workouts! So if you’re finding yourself getting bored doing the same or similar STRENGTH workouts each week – try Amanda’s variations (and workouts) below!

1. Vary your equipment

Keeping movements the same, but switching your equipment changes how your muscles have to support or move the weight because different implements require different grips, holding positions or movement patterns. For example, change up your lunges by using SLDZ; Swap DUMBBELLS for RESISTANCE BANDS; Or add a MINIBAND to your squats.

This workout is likely to be the most ‘difficult’ to do AT HOME because it requires so much equipment. Use what you can and adapt the moves to suit – you can actually do most of the moves without equipment and still get a good workout! If you DO workout a bit from home, consider investing in your health and fitness by purchasing a small amount of at home workout equipment. You can pick up all kinds of things at Kmart these days – dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, mats, skipping ropes, mini bands and more! Personally speaking I have a couple of dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, mini bands, a mat and a skipping rope at home.

Here’s a 10minute workout that uses a variety of equipment. Do each move for 40seconds then rest for 20seconds. Complete the entire set of exercises twice.


2. Vary your tempo

Tempo is the speed of your movements. By going faster or slower you create new stimuli, both physically and mentally. For example, making the movement slower and more controlled can provide a greater challenge by putting the muscle under tension for longer.

Here’s a 10minute workout that uses a slower tempo. Do each move for 40seconds bu  rather than lifting and lowering to a ‘normal pace’, slow it down by counting to 2 for each phase of the move. Rest for 20seconds between moves. Complete the entire set of exercises twice.




3. Vary your rest breaks

A common mistake I often see people making in the gym is having too much rest (typically they’re messing around on their phones between sets of exercises! ?????) To avoid this, use supersets! Supersets are two exercises completed back to back with NO rest in between. They not only add variety to your workout, but also help make your workouts more efficient.

Here’s a 10minute SUPERSET workout. Do the first move for 30seconds, then go straight into the second move for 30 seconds, then rest for 20seconds before moving onto the next superset. Complete the entire set of exercises twice.



BUF Tip!

If you are a beginner or returning to exercise after a bit of a break, start simple! Variations are great to incorporate once you’ve learnt (or re-learnt) fundamental movements patterns.

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Three Boredom Busting Strength Workouts

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