Struggle To Find Time To Exercise? Here’s What Helps Me!

One of the most common problems I hear from women wanting to exercise regularly is “I struggle to find the time”.

And yes, there are days, weeks and even months we all struggle to find the time, or make, enough time to exercise regularly. But you know what? Sometimes, we can actually benefit from having a break from the weekly grind (*gasp*)! And other times, we can actually do things to help ourselves fit exercise more seamlessly into our (busy) lifestyle.

What helps me:

Quick at home workouts that incorporate hybrid moves thats what!

Quick at home workouts have absolutely been a more realistic, convenient and achievable option for me….. but, they are NOT my perfect or main workout.

Like I’ve said many times before, health is NOT about perfection, it’s about consistency and quick at home workouts have definitely helped me to keep consistent with my fitness habits. They’ve helped me keep my momentum going, motivation fed, fitness up, and mindset positive (ie. embracing a “learn to rest, not to quit” mentality).

However,  I strongly believe our health and fitness habits should get us out of the house and connecting in the real world! So for me, the quick at home workout has always been treated as a compliment to my fitness habits, not my main fitness habit. Social connection and community are really important for our health!

How the quick at home workout has complimented my fitness habits over time:

  1. When I was studying at uni back in 2002, I would use quick at home workouts as a 5-10minute study break during exam weeks. Being a netballer meant I was also getting a social active fix 1-3 times a week.
  2. When I was doing FIFO work back in 2004, I worked in campsite gyms and my job was pretty social and active but with strange shift-work type hours (ie. early mornings and then evenings). I’d do quick workouts a couple times a day – just enough to boost my energy, not deplete it. When on R&R I would get my social active fix filling in for friends netball teams, and attending group boxing classes in my local community.
  3. When I was working as a high school Phys Ed teacher in 2014, my job was pretty active and I was playing State League Netball for the Wheatbelt Flames. The quick at home workout became more of a de-stressor, relaxer, or recovery tool as opposed to the energizer, blaster or burner!
  4. When I became a new Mumma in 2016, I attended post-natal group fitness 1-2 times a week, and would squeeze in quick at home workouts 1-3 days of the week (energy and sleep dependent). These workouts would often be with babe on mat in front of me,  babe in arms, or babe in pram.
  5. These days, my goal is to do a group fitness class 2-3 times a week, go on an ‘active adventure‘ most weekends, and do as much incidental movement as possible each day (oh and every now and again I do something a little different or challenging).

Why I use Hybrid Moves:

Typically, I love an EFFICIENT workout with movements that give me the most bang for my buck in the least amount of time. That’s why I love HYBRID MOVES (ie. moves that combine 2 or more exercises to work as many muscles groups at once, and/or work us through multiple planes of motion in the same sequence). These are efficient movements because the work more muscles at once to help you build functional strength in less time. By using Hybrid Exercises you can actually get a totally BUF workout in under 10 minutes!

Below are four example at home workouts that incorporate HYBRID MOVES!

BUF Bonus! I do one or two LIVE at home workouts each week in our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP so our girls have the added bonus of being able to jump in there and follow along in real time! I tend to do something a little different each week and will often ask for requests or preferences!






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Struggling to find time to exercise? Heres what helps me!



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