4 Ways To Boost Your Motivation To Exercise

Unmotivated To Exercise

March 22, 2019

I think I can safely assume that everyone reading this has lost their motivation for ‘something‘ at some point. More specifically, I have no doubt we’ve all felt a drop in our motivation to exercise at some point (or multiple points) in our lives.

Our motivation to get up early in the dark and head out to exercise… to do an evening workout rather than head straight home to the couch…. to get out and actively explore the world on the weekends…

Just so we’re clear, I don’t believe it is possible to feel motivated 100% of the time. Just like happiness, joy, sadness, or frustration… motivation is an emotion. It ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, and if you’re relying on motivation to strike to get started, or you think motivation will always be there to keep you going… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s rarely how it works. So here’s FOUR ways you can boost your motivation to exercise when you inevitably feel it wane a little.

1. Aim for fun, balance and variety

If you are consistently associating exercise with pain, discomfort or boredom then sooner or later you’ll starting loosing all motivation to do it! Instead, if you aim for fun, balance and variety then you’re more likely to maintain your motivation long term. Not sure how to do this? Well, thats where we come in – helping woman fall in love with fitness by designing fun workouts and providing a balanced timetable is what we looovvvee to do. We want movement to become something that you not only want to do, but, cant wait to do! 

View our timetable here.

2. Visualise how you’ll feel after

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to getting to your weekly workouts is letting your mind go down a negative, no-can-do path. You know, like when you wake up and immediately your brain starts with the, “It’s too early… I cant really be bothered…. I should get to work early anyway… I’ll go to tonights class instead”. Those lines of thought only lead to one kind of action, hitting the snooze button! So instead of thinking about how hard it seems to get to your session, flip your thinking and visualise how great you’ll feel after the session’s over. Think about the post-workout high you’ll be on after the workout is over, or how content you’ll feel for getting it done.

3. Plan in advance

Have you heard that old saying “if you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail”? Well, it’s pretty spot on! By pre-booking your workouts into your week (ie. writing them into your diary), you’ve mentally made a commitment to yourself and your wellbeing. By pre-paying for your classes, you’re putting something on the line before you even show up. By pre-organising your workout gear (ie. clothes, shoes, water bottle etc)  you’re helping minimise the impact little daily distractions or de-motivators have on your readiness to workout.

4. Try workout snacking

Workout snacks are bite-sized bits of movement I use to fire myself up, boost my energy after lunch, blast a little stress after a big day or fit exercising more manageably into my week. On those days when when I’m feeling pretty flat, or ‘blah’ I reach for a workout snack and it definitely helps add a little more pep into my step, whilst also feeding my motivation to move over the next few days. Why? Because action leads to motivation… not the other way around, like many people think. So even if the action you take is incredibly small (ie. a workout snack), it can still be an incredibly powerful motivator for you!

Want to give workout snacking a go? Try one of the below 10min workouts





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